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4th Gear - Power Up Your Endurance Horse (English Edition) My Intent In Writing Th Gear Is To Provide Cutting Edge Information To All Endurance Riders That Will Help Them And Their Horses Reach Their Goals We Will Cover Many Subjects You May Have Been In Doubt About And Hopefully A Couple That You Hadnt Much Considered Yet I Will Raise As Many Questions As Answers And Call On You The Reader To Tap Your Inner Horseman To Come Up With Solutions Yourself To The Challenges That Will Arise This Is A Skill That Will In Large Part Determine Your Success And Satisfaction In This Greatest Of Equestrian Sports These Endurance Horses Are Extreme Athletes Of The Highest Caliber Together Lets Develop A Program That Will Bring Out Their Best

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    As long time, usually Top Ten, but not typically a 1st place or B.C rider, I thought that Dennis s book opened up a new realm of possibilities for the experienced endurance rider Lots of ancedotes, which we p

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    Good information, although not everyone lives in two homes so training can be varied for example a mountain home and a flatland home In addition, not everyone can afford an horse exerciser, but other than those two poi

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    There are better endurance guides out there

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    This is a great book It s also a fun read It covers all the bases that the AERC Endurance Rider s Handbook hits but in a significantly thorough and advanced fashion.This is my third year in the sport and while I ve prepared very hard and

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    Soaked up the information like a dry horse sponge Thanks for sharing your wisdom with those who are starving for experienced tips and how tos.Filled a huge void in my cavernous quest for good information on endurance strategies to better myself and

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