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A Long Walk to Water My grandson read the book then told his mom and me about it asked us to read it Very seldom does he do that but this touched him enough to cause him to speak up about it The story was simple and presented the hardships encounted around such a basic human need water By also lightly describing the impact of war and other dangers in the area, a child would be exposed to this information Questions are raised that allow parent child interaction and help to teach our children to be socially aware and that you can have an impact on the lives of others as Salva Dut did does A simple well to supply water for lives and the social, educational, and economical changes that result when there is access to a good, clean, abundant supply Excellent. The New York Times Bestseller A Long Walk To Water Begins As Two Stories, Told In Alternating Sections, About Two Eleven Year Olds In Sudan, A Girl In And A Boy In The Girl, Nya, Is Fetching Water From A Pond That Is Two Hours Walk From Her Home She Makes Two Trips To The Pond Every Day The Boy, Salva, Becomes One Of The Lost Boys Of Sudan, Refugees Who Cover The African Continent On Foot As They Search For Their Families And For A Safe Place To Stay Enduring Every Hardship From Loneliness To Attack By Armed Rebels To Contact With Killer Lions And Crocodiles, Salva Is A Survivor, And His Story Goes On To Intersect With Nyas In An Astonishing And Moving Way In 2008 Nya has to walk a super long distance to get water for her family Salva who is a refugee during the 1985 war has to make a long journey to find safety Life is hard for them both in Sudan The stories are 25 years apart but the book talks about how their stories intersect It is good for grades 3 ,age 8 and family and also people who like historical fiction.It is also good to learn about the importance of water It saves lives,helps people, and brings us together by giving water to help them to lead a good life I recommend this book because it has good examples of leadership It is so different than any other book I have read It is the kind of book that sucks you in then you slow down to savor it. I read this aloud to my Chinese born, American raised kids and amidst the grumbling over Mom s teaching us again , came a sudden moment of silence, and then Mom, please read, And then the conversations started This is a beautifully told story, at times horrifying sad, but it s one that our privileged American tweens need to hear The parallel story lines are fascinating, and the understanding of tribal cultures and each child s place in their tribe are fascinating We will pay it forward by donating to Salva s nonprofit organization What an amazing accomplishment Thank you. This was for my 7th grade son was assigned to read in school This was the first book my son had ever finished, talked about and even read note than he was assigned to do My son is dyslexic which makes reading a book laborious or even impossible I bought the feature that reads it to him which he loved and made it interesting since they had music and the reader used different voices for each character It also highlighted the words as it read and for words that are hard it give the definition Amazing it opens up a whole new world for struggling readers. Il viaggio di una vita incredibile dove l ultimo degli uomini ha imparato quello che tanti non impareranno mai Un esempio per tutti This was a beautiful story of hard work and determination and perseverance in the face of evil and overwhelming adversity and hardships I have not read a book in a very long time that motivated me to care deeply about global issues, but this book stirred in me a desire to help others.At the beginning of the book, it was a bit confusing trying to understand how the two stories connected But by the end of the book, the way that the author weaves the two stories of Nya and Salva together is incredibly powerful and moving.The author writes beautifully, using vivid imagery and robust descriptions that make the characters and situations easy to relate to even though most of us have never had to experience such hardships The author was careful not to be too graphic in his storytelling which helps to make this story accessible to both younger and older readers.This story teaches lessons of compassion and perseverance and courage I would definitely recommend this book to anyone It provides an incredible perspective on the definition of a hard life and is an inspirational read.

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