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Abakan 2288 (Kallamitys World/Mecha Design) Praticamente il Sacro Graal del Modellista Sci Fi..Ottimo per Farsi Ispirare, Prendere Spunti e Idee, ma anche solo per sfogliarlo e restare affascinati dalle grandi capacit del connazionale Luca ZamprioloAspetto Part Two Nice story that goes with even nicer drawings I didn t know anything about this author but I really like mecha design, this book fulfills both the imaging and a good story as well I would recommend if you like mechas and sci fi stories I won t spoil or anything but the story happens in the future when only a handful of families control de world supplies of fuel.EDIT So I finished reading this book and I wanted to give an update This book has a small story about the mecha world, but also has some detailed photographs and tips on how the artist creates, models and paints some of its models It has some techniques to use table salt to weather your model kits and, though it is not a manual on how to paint model kits, gives some good tips to amateurs like me.Overall I would recommend this book if you are interested both in mecha design and model kit building. Fantastico I danni erano davvero contenuti e il prezzo era davvero ottimo spero di trovare altre occasioni come questa in futuro There s not a whole lot to say other than some of the work in this book is just mind blowing I think it s amazing how he kit bashed together all these awesome mech designs Plus, if I remember correctly, he s spent 11 years working on this whole storyline he s created You can tell he s passionate about his craft I wish I was as dedicated I ll admit, I haven t read through all the text just yet I was interested in the artistic side His drawings paintings aren t great, but I bought this for the sculpting kit making parts of the book If you re looking for a book with lots of different variations of mecha, this is probably not the best place to look A lot of the designs are similar, as they are supposed to be chronological upgrades of older mechs in this world he s created Interesting stuff. The artwork sketches, paintings, etc in this book is very inspiring the text back story of the mech universe is ok, but reads much like a teenager s first novel The plastic models on the other hand, are absolutely amazilicious Totally unbelievable detail on each single one If you are a scratchbuilder of kit builder you will be drooling over the inspiration you can find here don t expect to learn how to make these models just from this one book, most can be purchased as resin kits from the author rather use it as a new yard stick to measure your skill against and try to figure out how the author is creating the base models for his castings.Overall, would have liked build instructions, larger model build images, and less text, but a still a great compendium of mech post apo art. Just a very Cool book of making Models and Robots I have so many books that sometimes you forget how good a book is until someone else looks in it and say s dude this is the best Book on Building Model Robots and Mec s And it is the Best Abakan Takes You Inside An Imaginary Future World Where Natural Resources Are Dwindling, Which Is Dominated By Robots Hard Doll Machines Mass Produced From Recycled Metal It Also Creatively Reveals How To Conceptualize, Fabricate And Finish Machine Robots This Is A Mixture Of The Steamunk Aesthetic With Mecha Designs And Sci Fi Which Gives A Stunningly Original Vision Of The Future

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