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Al Capone Does My Shirts A Twelve Year Old Boy Named Moose Moves To Alcatraz Island In When Guards Families Were Housed There, And Has To Contend With His Extraordinary New Environment In Addition To Life With His Autistic Sister Natalie A Newbery Honor Book ALA Notable Book Reprint Jr Lib Guild Children S BOMC

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    The main plots are beautifully written and well imagined the much I read I only wish the content was appropriate for my 10 14 year old kids A few mentions of private parts slowed down my enthusiasm f

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    My fifth grade son who is high functioning and definitely on the spectrum has to complete a book report in three weeks , and the required genre is historical fiction I settled on this book, and it arrived

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    Required summer reading for annotations prior to Advanced 6th grade ELA class My son enjoyed the book a lot, though annotating takes a little of that excitement away by slowing it down Thanks to other reviewers

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    I love this book I had to read it for an education class but I am so glad I did I will definitely be reading of the Al Capone books from this author This book was also recommended in one of my classes that deals wi

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    I substitute teach occasionally and often when the class is off at music, lunch, etc I browse the books laying around to see what young folks are reading these days Many times I pick up something and get hooked The 5th g

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