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All the Bad Apples I received a free copy for an honest review.This book had a lot of logical flaws, but it was actually very enjoyable.This is one of the books that have some logical inconsistencies that may take you out of the experience But because of how interesting the story is, you chose to ignore those inconsistencies so that you can just sit back and enjoy the book just let it slide.For example, I personally enjoyed the way the book is structured I loved the time jumps and the short stories administered into the book because they re actually really good However, I could see many other readers disliking for being messy as well I also want to acknowledge my appreciation for the scavenger style for the mystery aspect of the storyline But ultimately it doesn t seem to make much logical sense and is not very realistic It seems too over the top to make me believe that someone else or myself0 in that situation would do the same things.Despite these flaws, I still found myself liking the writing style and the symbolic message despite the logical plot holes because the short stories are just so entertaining and amazing to read The author completely KILLED the historical tone in the book while still making the book easy to read.Anyway, to sum up, this book definitely has its share of technical flaws But because of this interesting writing style and meaningful storyline and if you choose to overlook it , this book could be still of enjoyment to you This is why I gave it four stars despite everything. The Stunning New Novel About Silenced Female Voices, Family Secrets And Dangerous Truths From The Author Of The Accident Season Exquisite This Is A Book To Hold Tightly To Your Chest Irish Times Lyrical Compelling Guardian Beautiful, Visceral A Primal Scream Louise O Neill Uncompromising, Raw, Devastating Publishers Weekly I Am In Absolute Awe Of ItMelinda SalisburyOn Deena S Seventeenth Birthday, The Day She Finally Comes Out To Her Family, Her Wild And Mysterious Sister Mandy Is Seen Leaping From A Cliff The Family Is Heartbroken, But Not Surprised The Women Of The Rys Family Have Always Been Troubled Bad Apples , Their Father Calls Them And Mandy Is The Baddest Of Them AllBut Then Deena Starts To Receive The Letters Letters From Mandy, Claiming That Their Family S Blighted History Is Not Just Bad Luck Or Bad Decisions, But A Curse, Handed Down To The Rys Women Through The Generations Mandy Has Gone In Search Of The Curse S Roots, And Now Deena Must Begin A Desperate Cross Country Hunt For Her Sister, Guided Only By The Letters That Mysteriously Appear In Each New Place What Deena Finds Will Heal Their Family S Rotten Past Or Rip It Apart Forever I just finished this book and there is a lot swirling in my head I didnt expect half of what happened, parts made,my,stomach turn, parts made me pretty happy to see Its so much than the basic hunt for a missing sister than I thought it was It is not as straight forward as it seems and, to be honest, it has the signature style of the author, the whimsy and the magic, and still manages to end up deadly serious at the same time. Disclaimer I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own Thank you to Netgalley, Fantastic Flying Book Club, and Penguin for this free copy All quotes in this review are taken from the Advanced Reader Copy and may change in final publication.Content Warning Adultery, Implied this was clearly all her fault Her family did not expect her to join them She was no longer one of them Mandy s second letter to deena, explaining the origins of the curseI m also tired of men not being punished for their part in a pregnancy Like he was the one that cheated on his wife with Mary Ellen, and then he condemns her and her family to suffer Not cool, dude.Clearly being a witch is a scapegoat for saying your daughter is a lesbian and apparently that s a sin They didn t burn them for being witches, I said, watching Cale standing, like me, in the place her ancestor died An ancestor with in common than just a name They burned them because they were lovers I guess back then it amounted to the same thing, said Finn.Final Thoughts Didn t I tell you it was a wild ride Definitely a four flower read for me Also I changed my rating graphics so it s a little bigger and custom Thank you so much to Lena for making these and my mermaid icons for me Seriously amazing. This book was part ghost story, part coming out, and part self discovery Loved every second of it Immediately downloaded this author s other works.

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