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Arsenic For Tea: A Murder Most Unladylike Mystery So far I have read eight books in this series, and this one is my favorite Daisy, who was delightfully superior and full of herself in the first book, has to deal with her flawed family, most of whom are suspects in this new murder And she painfully grows up a little bit The main reason that I love this book is Daisy s father, Lord Hastings, a wonderful three dimensional man who has many of the same virtues and foolish weaknesses that you and I have, but much exaggerated By the way, I much prefer the British international versions of these books I think that young American readers can delight in the sometimes puzzling differences in language. The Second Murder Mystery In The Bestselling Murder Most Unladylike Series A Delight The Agatha Christie Style Clues Are Unravelled With Sustained Tension And The Whole Thing Is A Hoot From Start To Finish Daily Mail A Feelgood Blend Of Malory Towers And Cluedo Stevens Has Upped Her Game In This New Volume TelegraphSchoolgirl Detectives Daisy Wells And Hazel Wong Are At Daisy S Home, Fallingford, For The Holidays Daisy S Glamorous Mother Is Throwing A Tea Party For Daisy S Birthday, And The Whole Family Is Invited, From Eccentric Aunt Saskia To Dashing Uncle Felix But It Soon Becomes Clear That This Party Isn T Really About Daisy At All Naturally, Daisy Is Furious Then One Of Their Party Falls Seriously, Mysteriously Ill And Everything Points To Poison With Wild Storms Preventing Anyone From Leaving, Or The Police From Arriving, Fallingford Suddenly Feels Like A Very Dangerous Place To BeNot A Single Person Present Is What They Seem And Everyone Has A Secret Or Two And When Someone Very Close To Daisy Looks Suspicious, The Detective Society Must Do Everything They Can To Reveal The Truth No Matter The Consequences The Second Book In Robin Stevens Fabulous Wells And Wong Schoolgirl Detective Series Think St Trinians Mixed With Miss Marple These Are Thrilling Books For Tween Detectives Who Adore Solving Dastardly Murders, Jolly Hockey Sticks And Iced Buns For Tea Guardian I loved the first book in the Wells and Wong Mysteries and was eager for adventures with the two amateur detectives from Deepdean School for Girls Set in the 1930s, Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong make for a rather odd pair the former is a wilful and confident English heiress, while the latter is an introverted girl sent from Hong Kong by her father to gain an English education Just as Daisy hides her great intellect, Hazel hides her family s great wealth, though the two of them are remarkably good at finding out the secrets of others.In the previous book Murder Most Unladylike , they investigated the death of a teacher at their boarding school, and are now at Daisy s family estate, Fallingford, for the holidays As much as she enjoyed solving a crime, Hazel is glad the excitement is over Unlike Daisy, who didn t seem the slightest bit concerned that a murderer was in their midst, Hazel takes death and violence a little seriously.But things aren t all fun and games at Fallingford A lot of Daisy s extended family are taken aback at the sight of a Chinese girl in their midst, and Daisy herself is furious at the behaviour of her mother, who is openly flirting with one of her male friends With all the tension in the air, it seems inevitable that there s another death one that occurs during Daisy s birthday party no less.After one of the guests falls fatally ill after drinking a cup of tea, the girls decide to investigate but it s a little delicate this time around considering most of the suspects are all members of Daisy s family.Moving the mystery solving from Deepdean School to Fallingford was a good idea, as it allows us to get a little insight into Daisy s family and her personality not to mention Hazel s ongoing confusion with English customs As in the last book, there is some tension between Daisy and Hazel when it comes to how the mystery should be solved, with each one reluctant to point the finger at certain people in the house Best of all, Robin Stevens fills her book with interesting character beats and surprising twists There are moments of true poignancy here it makes me wish these books were better known. I thought this book was a great book to read but not as good as the last one murder most unladylike When Daisy and Hazel go to Daisy house Falling Ford for the Easter brake for Daisy s birthday little do they know that ther is murder coming just around the corner This was a good book for a teen, sort of Nancy Drew kind of book, but I was just getting back to reading, finished in one night, Enjoyed it. Brilliant book.

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