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Auslander (English Edition) When Peter S Parents Are Killed, He Is Sent To An Orphanage In Warsaw Then German Soldiers Take Him Away To Be Measured And Assessed They Decide That Peter Is Racially Valuable He Is Volksdeutscher Of German Blood With His Blond Hair, Blue Eyes, And Acceptably Proportioned Head, He Looks Just Like The Boy On The Hitler Jugend Poster Someone Important Will Want To Adopt Peter They DoProfessor Kaltenbach Is Very Pleased To Welcome Such A Fine Aryan Specimen To His Household People Will Be Envious But Peter Is Not Quite The Specimen They Think He Is Forming His Own Ideas About What He Is Seeing, What He Is Told Peter Doesn T Want To Be A Nazi, And So He Is Going To Take A Very Dangerous Risk The Most Dangerous Risk He Could Possibly Choose To Take In Berlin In

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    Grande storia e grande scrittura L autore sa catturare i suoi lettori, siano essi ragazzi o adulti, con una trama avvincente e realistica, che sa coniugare le giuste concessioni al contesto storico con la necessit di mand

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    Great book, gives the view of a young polish boy who is taken in by a german family.The Story starts out by showing how utterly lovely Peters life is He has a loving mother and father, and even though the war is going crazy an

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    My true rating for this is 3.5 stars The evocation of how the propaganda permeated Nazi Germany was fascinating talk about the banality of evil and the story moved at a good pace I know some readers complained that it moved too slo

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    This was a great book told from a very interesting perspective Without being sympathetic to Nazi ideology, the story showed how logical and convincing yet evil their logic could be, and how easy it could be to get swept up in it, whethe

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    Another addition to a crowded genre Good use of historical research, yet its application seemed forced Plot and supporting characters were weak and undeveloped There was no moral arch to the story line The author attempts to use shocking lan

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    Really good book

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