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The year is 2548 and the Covenant have been carving a warpath through the colonies of humanity On the colony of Meridian, four teenagers must learn to survive with the help of Beta Company Spartan III as their town is invaded by the alien hegemony in search for Forerunner technology buried beneath.Battle Born follows four Meridian teenagers Evie Rousseau, the techie of the group and the daughter of a college professor and a Marine Victor Gallardo, Evie s friend whose parents ran a resort while his older sisters are Marines in the UNSC Dorian Nguyen lives with his uncle and nephew cousin Dorian and the narration calls Remy Dorian s nephew but he is Dorian s uncle s son, which should make him Dorian s cousin it s weird due to his parents being deployed and is a member of a local band and is a bit of a hothead who as problems with UNSC due to feeling abandoned by his parents, the pilot of the group and Saskia Nazari, the daughter of weapon contractors, she feels like a pariah due to not being native to Meridian.Luckily, despite being a YA novel about teenagers, we are spared from having to dredge through teenage and school melodrama before the Covenant shows up from the first chapter we see hints of the Covenant preparing their invasion and it is only a few chapters later that the Covenant invade in full It also helps that the story starts on the weekend Really, the only melodramatic thing that I can think of is Victor s crush on Saskia It is almost mentioned any time a chapter is focused on his narrative, even after the Covenant appeared Made me want to just slap him upside the head and scream, Priorities, you idiot Though I do feel if that if any romances happen, I would be all in for Evie Dorian due to how natural their interactions were, them staying friends and comrades would also work.I have to say my favorite scene was Evie and Victor s encounter with the Jackel at the onset of the invasion It truly felt like something from a horror movie I also like how the Covenant is using Locusts to unearth the artifact Nice to something from Halo Wars appear outside the games, especially since another author might have used Scarbs in their place.Overall, I quite enjoyed Battle Born It was a nice view of a Covenant invasion from the civilians view There were a few places that were a bit contrived, like how the energy shield projector didn t seem to be as defended as you would have thought, but nothing that broke the suspension of disbelief for me Just made me stop for a second and shrug Can t wait for Meridian Divide to come out in October. I think that it was a short novel but overall a good story I ve been reading Halo literature since they first released it and this is a good addition to the lore I breezed it pretty quickly so it s a bit easier to read than most novels in Halo Definitely eager for the next installment. I like reading books in the Halo universe about citizens in normal lives, who are thrust into war randomly It s exciting to see how characters react in times of great peril, and how they adapt to their environment.If you compare this to the other young citizens of Halo book that is Legacy of Onyx, the writing of the younger characters feels genuine here, but there is a lot alien action, directly, and of that perspective in the Onyx book.Here you mostly have character introductions, running about, and a few direct skirmishes, but nothing from the perspective of aliens, but instead directly from the characters of Saskia, Evie, Victor, and Dorien Each chapter is from a different perspective and then switches back I found Saskia s the most entertaining. Don T Miss The First Ever Young Adult Fiction Novel Based On The Megahit Halo Video Game Series Saskia, Dorian, Evie, And Victor Aren T Exactly Friends At Their Small High School On The Middle Of Nowhere Colony World Of Meridian Each Has Their Own Problems, From Absent Parents To Supporting Their Family, Getting Into A Good College To Making The Next Hit Holo Film But Those Problems Were Nothing Next To The Threat Now Facing Their World The Alien Alliance Known As The Covenant Is Laying Siege To Meridian, For Reasons That Aren T So Easily Explained With Their Village In Flames, The Four Teens Find Themselves Stuck Aboveground, Locked Out Of The Town Shelter Where The Rest Of The Survivors Are Gathered Together, Saskia, Dorian, Evie, And Victor Are Thrust Into Battle With Nothing But A Few Scavenged Weapons And An Injured Spartan, One Of The UNSC S Super Soldiers What S Forged From The Destruction Will Determine The Fate Of Meridian, And Tilt The Battle For Humanity S Survival Battle Born

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Battle Born book, this is one of the most wanted Cassandra Rose Clarke author readers around the world.

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