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Between Shades Of Gray (English Edition) Praise For Between Shades Of Gray A Superlative First Novel A Hefty Emotional Punch The New York Times Book ReviewFew Books Are Beautifully Written, Fewer Still Are Important This Novel Is Both The Washington PostBeautifula Superb Though Grueling NovelThe Wall Street JournalAn Eye Opening Reimagination Of A Very Real Tragedy Written With Grace And Heart Los Angeles TimesAn Engrossing And Poignant Story Of The Fortitude Of The Human Spirit In A Dark Time In Lithuanian History Associated PressBrave Lina Is A Heroine Young And Old Readers Can Believe InEntertainment WeeklyPlease Read This Small Window Into A TragedyNPRBeautifully Written And Researched, It Captures The Devastation Of War While Celebrating The Will To SurviveFamily Circle A Harrowing Page Turner Publishers Weekly, Starred Review A Gripping Story School Library Journal, Starred Review Bitterly Sad, Fluidly WrittenSepetys Flowing Prose Gently Carries Readers Kirkus, Starred Review Beautifully Written And Deeply Feltan Important Book That Deserves The Widest Possible ReadershipBooklist, Starred ReviewA Haunting Chronicle, Demonstrating That Even In The Heart Of Darkness Love Is The Most Powerful Army The Horn Book MagazineStalin Deported And Murdered Millions, But He Could Not Destroy The Seeds Of Memory, Compassion, And Art That They Left Behind From Those Seeds, Ruta Septeys Has Crafted A Brilliant Story Of Love And Survival That Will Keep Their Memory Alive For Generations To Come Laurie Halse Anderson, Bestselling Author Of Speak And WintergirlsIn Terrifying Detail, Ruta Sepetys Re Creates World War II Coming Of Age All Too Timely Today Between Shades Of Gray Is A Document Long Overdue Richard Peck, Newbery Awardwinning Author Of A Year Down Yonder Between Shades Of Gray Is A Story Of Astonishing Force I Feel Grateful For A Writer Like Ruta Sepetys Who Bravely Tells The Hard Story Of What Happens To The Innocent When World Leaders And Their Minions Choose Hate And Oppression Beautiful And Unforgettable Susan Campbell Bartoletti, Newbery Honorwinning Author Of Hitler Youth Sepetys Has Penned A Harrowing And Heartbreaking Novel Beautifully Written And Important Harlan Coben, International Bestselling Author Of Shelter Ruta Sepetys Between Shades Of Gray Is A Haunting And Powerful Second World War Novel By Ruta SepetysThat Morning, My Brother S Life Was Worth A Pocket WatchOne Night Fifteen Year Old Lina, Her Mother And Young Brother Are Hauled From Their Home By Soviet Guards, Thrown Into Cattle Cars And Sent Away They Are Being Deported To Siberia An Unimaginable And Harrowing Journey Has Begun Lina Doesn T Know If She Ll Ever See Her Father Or Her Friends Again But She Refuses To Give Up HopeLina Hopes For Her FamilyFor Her CountryFor Her FutureFor Love First Love, With The Boy She Barely Knows But Knows She Does Not Want To LoseWill Hope Keep Lina Alive Set In , Between Shades Of Gray Is An Extraordinary And Haunting Story Based On First Hand Family Accounts And Memories From SurvivorsBorn And Raised In Michigan, Ruta Sepetys Is The Daughter Of A Lithuanian Refugee Ruta Lives With Her Family In Tennessee Between Shades Of Gray Is Her First Novel And It Was Nominated For The Prestigious Carnegie Medal Fans Of The Book Thief, The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas And Codename Verity Will Fall In Love With This Book

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    Libro fantastico sulla drammatica vita vissuta da molte persone che sono state deportate in siberia dalla russia negli anni della seconda guerra mondiale.

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    This book follows the life of Lena s family and other families when they were hauled away by the Soviet secret police They are thrown into a cattle car en route to Siberia Lina and her family are separated from her father and in order to reach his prison camp, she passes along clues in the form of drawings But will that be enough to be reunited again Sure, we were safe Safe

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    I m writing this review with a heavy heart, this book was hard for me to get through Not because it was bad by any means it was one of the most beautiful books I ve read in along time It was hard for me because of how heart breaking and devastating it was I went from hope to sadness to anger constantly throughout my time reading this book At one point in time I had to put it

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    This is a story about sacrifice, perseverance, survival, courage and hope.During World War II, many Lithuanians lost their precious families and were forced to abandon their beloved homes Their stories were told as they were seen, experienced and recorded by a fifteen year old Lithuanian girl, Lina Lina s youth and homeland were stolen from her by Stalin s reign of terror.Alon

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    My art teacher had said that if you breathed deeply and imagined something, you could be there You could see it, feel it During our standoffs with the NKVD, I learned to do that I clung to my rusted dreams during the times of silence It was at gunpoint that I fell into every hope and allowed myself to wish from the deepest part of my heart Komorov thought he was torturing us, b

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