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15 thoughts on “Bus Stops by Taro Gomi (2013-07-23)

  1. David A David A says:

    Not as expected, reviews gave false sense of what to expect from this book, while tge book book is nice and colourful, I thought it would be of a the bus stops at the zoo can you count the giraffes type of book with varied stops instead of a simple someone gets off, rather unimaginative story which dose the pics and design no justice

  2. Khadijah Akthar Khadijah Akthar says:

    Very boring book With terrible illustrations.

  3. mukuge mukuge says:

    Nice book that shares the life of a bus in a day Also, at the end everyone sleeps at night Good night, kids

  4. bananabelle bananabelle says:

    This is one of my child s favorite books, and has become a regular gift to give It s so simple The bus stops at various locations, and different people get off the bus The pictures are lovely, with a very Japanese aesthetic making sense given the author There is a lot of detail in each picture, allowing you to spend time on each page describing what you and your kiddo see if you d like.

  5. Jenny P Jenny P says:

    This is my son s absolute favorite book right now The illustrations are fantastic, very colorful and fairly simple but they keep my child entertained.

  6. Doug Crawford Doug Crawford says:

    Our latest copy is missing all the wonderful subtext that asks children to find something on the page This is what made the book special I was sending this book out for gifts but no longer will since the book is not nearly as good with the subtext missing I don t know why it has been removed The original was always a favorite of our 3 children.

  7. biorganicenergy.co user biorganicenergy.co user says:

    Fun bus book, vibrant watercolor pictures, reminiscent of vintage kid s books Excellent board book for the bus lover in your life.

  8. biorganicenergy.co Customer biorganicenergy.co Customer says:

    My kids love this book The illustrations are simple and theres so much to find in each picture.

  9. EvanS. EvanS. says:

    This is an enjoyable book for my two and half year olds It tells the story of where the bus stops and who gets off They like the illustrations too We like it, but prefer the author s My Friends .

  10. S. Schmidt S. Schmidt says:

    Our 18 month old is fascinated by busses This book is very cute and we love looking for and pointing out the tiny details in each illustration SPOILERS We just love looking at all the places where the bus stops all day and then saying good night when the bus goes home.

  11. M. N. M. N. says:

    This is a beautiful book and so fun to read.

  12. Christin H Christin H says:

    This is a fun book, probably for 5 , it talks about many types of people getting on and off a bus shoppers, artist, construction workers

  13. Hyacinth Hyacinth says:

    Our 16 month old LOVES the bus I was trying to find books for him that spoke about public buses and not just the school bus At each page of this story he points at the bus I really love the detail on each page we ll be able to talk about the pictures for years to come.

  14. A. Buckley A. Buckley says:

    This book is consistently one of my 16 month old daughter s favorites I am sure she ll learn to enjoy it even as she learns concepts like numbers, places and action verbs, but right now she s happy to point to the objects she recognizes in the very detailed illustrations and name them ball, car, dog, kids, helicopter I really enjoy the illustrations, too, so this is a book I m always happy to read with her.

  15. Lindsey Lindsey says:

    Was recommended to me and so glad, because 2yo son loves it

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Bus Stops by Taro Gomi (2013-07-23) This simple story, following a bus on its daily route, encourages children to find a variety of objects in the illustrations Bursting with color, Taro Gomi transforms an everyday event into a joyous and fascinating journey from start to finish