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Car Science: An Under-the-Hood, Behind-the-Dash Look at How Cars Work Adults and kids alike will find much to love about this well illustrated book Of course, it has words from Richard Hammond, the weaker partner of the unholy trinity of The Grand Tour and some other British show about cars But let s be honest, who reads Hammond anyway Top Gear S Richard Hammond Peers Under The Bonnet Of The World S Top Supercars To Find Out How Cars Work In This Turbo Charged Children S Science Book Discover The Fast And Furious Physics Going On Inside Every Car, From G Force And Horsepower To Acceleration, Inertia, And Friction Help Your Child Discover All About The Science In This Explosive Tour Of Their Favourite Dream CarsFind Out How Cars Revolutionised The World, See How A Car Functions With Jaw Dropping Diagrams, Cutaway Drawings And Cool Graphics Steer To The Fundamental Science Behind The Mechanics And Then Sit Back For An Exciting Look Into The Future Of Minimal Emissions, Maximum FunUS, Find Great Things Your Child Will Love To Make And Do Leave it to DK Publishing of Eyewitness Books fame to create something this cool Yes, it s the one boys ages 7 13 have been waiting for a reader friendly book about cars.Car Science is divided into four sections The first is Power My favorite spread in this section is Making gasoline, but the part about gears is also fascinating, as is Bugatti Veyron, about a car with 1001 brake horsepower, which means it can go from 249 mph to a stop in under 10 seconds.Section 2 is Speed It begins with a colorful chart comparing the speeds of different animals and vehicles, from a snail s.03 mph to the Thrust SSC s land speed record of 763 mph I also liked finding out how something as odd as a boxfish could give designers an idea for the shape of a car in Inspired by Nature Section 3 addresses Handling My favorite spread title here is Wall of Death, with Monster Trucks and Car crash Science tied for second.Section 4, Technology, starts off by explaining what cars are made of, moving on to topics like scuba cars before ending happily with Top 10 Crazy Ideas Car Science is written at about a 3rd grade level, but its appeal is much broader The book serves as an alluring introduction to understanding how cars work My only request is that someone now write a book explaining cars and their engines in detail, perhaps at a 6th 8th grade level The next one up I found was for high schoolers and adults In the meantime, boys and girls should take a look at this fast, shiny sports car of a book VROOM VROOM My son doesn t even like cars his dad and brother are obsessed with them so this is how he rebels I dont want him to grow up hating them on that basis.Strangely enough he loves Richard Hammond he even named his hamster after him sorry Richard I wasn t sure he would really enjoy this book but to everyone s surprise he was excited about it on Christmas morning A short while later he was quoting facts from the book and even bringing up the topic at random.He still isn t as obsessed about cars as his brother and dad but he definitely appreciates and understands them. This book has a lot of interesting information about cars and how they work, the science behind them and a little bit of the history of automobiles in general It s engaging and has eye catching illustrations and is presented in a kid friendly format.If you have a youngster in your life that wants to learn about cars I would recommend this book Ideal for ages 7 10, but would likely be enjoyed by other ages too.

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