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Cars The seek find concept is pretty advanced and I d imagine that s where the 5 11 age range came from, but this book is a great source for motivational stickers for potty training and the like I ve bought two of these books so far and wouldn t hesitate to order again when we start running low.The larger stickers are big and high quality The smaller square stickers are where the truth of the than 1,000 full color reusable stickers statement comes from, but there are still A LOT of the larger stickers as well.It doesn t look like photos of the product can be added to the description above, so I posted two photos with a tape measure for scale here and here to let folks better understand what they re getting It s sort of surprising to realize that the large stickers are created from photos of the little metal toys I had no idea how many of those there obviously are.The only thing keeping it from getting the full five stars is that the sheets aren t perforated and many of the stickers go almost up to the binding If a parent wants to remove a sheet to carry out for the day as rewards the only options are jagged tearing or running a razor blade down the binding and separating other sheets and compromising the book s binding integrity as well A minor problem until you need to do it, but one to be aware of. This was a fantastic book for the right little boy He loves the movies and was able to look for the stickers to match the outlines He loved using the book and I was able to see growth in his being able to locate specific stickers on a page and match them He is a bright little guy There were a huge number of extra stickers that he could make races and other things with, as well as the sticker used in the first half of the book It was great to use for travelling, and he looks at the book every day A good value for a great activity book. My two year old love to the sticker book, even after we filled in all of the pages he still like looking through them I would have given this 5 stars but out of the hundreds of stickers in here there is no Mack They even have the Peterbilt semi truck that lightning thinks is Mack in the first movie along with so many other characters we don t really care about That is my only complaint with this awesome sticker book. Our little one spends hours playing with this sticker book It s the second one we ve bought and will be buying in the future It has tons of stickers in it A lot of them are tiny ones though There are little descriptions for some of the characters and you can match the sticker up with their designated spot in the book Not much else to say This book has TONS of sticker, is high quality with thicker page and stickers, printed well, etc My kids LOVE it and I am impressed with its quality Sometimes you get burned with junk not made well, not printed well, on cheap paper or paper to thin NOT in this case This is a great deal. Clear The Way For Lightning McQueen, Mater, And Friends In Their Own Die Cast Sticky Format Featuring Than , Full Color Reusable Stickers Of Die Cast Cars From Cars, Cars , And Cars Toons, Children Of All Ages Can Use Their Imagination To Create Anything From Their Own Cars Racing Scene To A Lineup Of Their All Time Favorite Models Either Way, Kids Will Be Guaranteed Hours Of Sticker Fun With DK S DisneyPixar Cars Ultimate Sticker Collection Disney

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