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Christian Von Koenigsegg and His Super-Duper Sports Car This book is amazing seriously My four year old is obsessed with super cars and the Koenigsegg is his absolute favorite He fell in love with the car when we saw it in fast and furious 5 A friend bought this book for him as one of his birthday gifts, and I m so thankful she did He loves this book sooo much and we have read it every single night for a straight week It s beautifully illustrated, the colors are so eye catching, the story it tells about Christian as a kid and the aspirations he had are very relatable, and it sends an amazing message to those who read it never give up on your dreams Thanks so much for publishing this book Wish we could buy similar to it This Is A Story About A Boy Who Had A Dream Of Building His Own Car Except It Wasn T Just Any Old Car You See, This Boy Had A Very Special Dream He Wanted To Build The Fastest Car In The World Made In Collaboration With Koenigsegg, The World S Most Exclusive Super Sports Car Manufacturer This was my son s favorite Christmas gift He s a super car junkie. My car lover loved it and was easy for him to read 8 yr old Great book, beautiful illustrations Big hit with car obsessed son.

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