Common Sense Horsemanship: A Safe And Simple Approach To

  • Common Sense Horsemanship: A Safe And Simple Approach To Riding Horses (English Edition)
  • Shelly Ingram
  • 09 October 2017

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Common Sense Horsemanship: A Safe And Simple Approach To Riding Horses (English Edition)Have you been wondering what it would be like to ride a horse or do you know someone who is considering taking up the sport This book can serve as a great guide for anyone who is thinking about getting involved with horses In an easy and relaxed tone the author offers practical commonsense advice than can be used by anyone considering riding or just learning about horses More than any other sport riding takes dedication to the development of a team, this book can help you better understand horses to enable you to reach your riding goalsThe first chapter offers detailed descriptions of the different riding disciplines which are illustrated by excellent pictures of exceptional examples diverse horse breeds and riding styles The information provided sets you on the right path to choosing the riding style that is right for you and provides a list of online links to breed and discipline associations You are also given a good foundation into the basics the parts of the horse, saddles, bridles and bits with handy online links to detailed information These chapters are devoted to learning how a horse thinks and basic training techniques that can be used regardless of what riding style you choose to pursue Later chapters offer tips on how to find a riding teacher and provide you with a series of pre riding exercises than can be done at home before you even start to ride The author then takes you through three condensed riding lessons that give you a good idea of what to expect as you progress along your riding career She also offers tips on riding opportunities and buying your first horse All this is complemented by a detailed glossary of necessary equine terms Written by a lifelong horsewoman this book does not promote a method that requires further purchase or strict adherence, it simply provides you with a great first step and easy reference source for a safe and fun experience with horsesHere s the subjects we ll cover Choosing the right horse for youBasic horse and equipment terminology including a complete glossaryEasy online links to breed riding associationsTips of how to find a teacherWhat to expect from your first lessonExercises to get ready to rideThings to think about before you buy your first horseLots of great photographsAnd much, much This is THE guide for those looking to ride horses Click the Buy Now button and get started You ll be glad you did This book is AWESOME in so many ways It s the first time that someone has taken the time to REALLY explain all that is involved in wanting to ride Ms Ingram obviously knows her stuff and is a true subject matter expert on all aspects of horsemanship I wish that this book had been around many years ago when I started my riding journey.What I really liked for myself and my 10 year old daughter we read it together is that it explains in so much detail all aspects that need tobe considered when starting to ride Unlike other books, Ms Ingram not only describes the different breeds but ties it to different riding styles and personality types, what type of riding you want to do, how to pick a teacher, financial considerations etc But unlike other books it addresses important things like really getting to know and understand a horse from the names of different parts of their body, parts of a saddle, tack, their disposition etc.The book is written in an easy to understand style with a lot of humor thrown in My daughter LOVED all the pictures in the bookand allowed me to remember why I had such a passion for horses and riding Finally, my favorite feature of the book was Ms Ingram s reminder of the responsibilities of being around horses and her understanding of them from an emotional standpointsomething I had forgotten all these years after my riding career has ended.This book is instructional for new riders, wanna be riders, parents..and rekindled the magic and memories of what horsemanship can bring to ones enabled me to re connect with a part of my youth that I had long forgotten I will keep this book handy as I start a new journey through my daughters eyes. I thought this was a terrific book, the person that wrote it obviously knows a great deal about horses and the people who ride them.I would certainly take any advice she gives as the honest truth She seems to be able to think as a horse would, which is a very rare gift indeed I think even I could learn to ride a horse from this person I am an idiot on a computer, and I have purchased books that say Computing for Idiots and I don t understand a word as they still use the computer Jargon This book is written in plain English and mad complete sense to me. This is a great book to give yourself a start if your at all interested in horses and riding and it works for all ages Not only are the basics of the variety of riding available, there are links to all the major groups of horse organizations so you can dig deeper on your own It is written in a concise manor, in a very easy to read length yet touches on all the major things you would need to be aware of Shelly Ingram also has a gentle sense of humor that slips in every now and again making the reading not only quick and easy but a pleasure She warns the reader about the BIG things that you might not be thinking about in your eagerness to get to riding As a person who has ridden all my life, I love how she pulls all that knowledge together simply for a newbie to absorb The glossary in the back should answer a lot of questions as you read and go huh about a sentence you don t understand because of the horse language used to describe something Such as what IS a diagonal The author also mentions something very near and dear to my heart Learn to be a HORSEMAN, not just a passenger on your mount This is a huge point and can lead you to a much rewarding horse experience than just riding one I think this book is a wonderful overview that anyone can understand and once read, can go forth with a better idea of exactly the best way to move forward with your dream If you listen and follow her advice, you will surely miss a LOT of the pitfalls that most of us have had to learn the hard way. A nice written book about horses My girlfriend is crazy about horses, so for myself and her I bought this ebook So I have a better understanding about horses so I can talk a little bit about this subject with her thanks to this ebook.This ebook is included with a lot of beautiful photo s that will help you understand the instructions and information.Also a lot of source links are added in the ebook, so if you need information you can find it their. This is a perfect first book and foundation of information for those starting out on the journey of horse ownership A lot of background and knowledge is what makes horse ownership so rewarding and this book is a great start From different breeds of horses to styles of riding, the descriptions are accurate and informative There does not seem to be a prejudice for any particular breed or activity so this is refreshing and encouraging for anyone interested in horses. I have no familiarity with horses or riding, but a niece of mine is to begin riding lessons soon, and I wanted her to have a concise readable book on horsemanship I found one in The Complete Guide to Horsemanship, by Shelly Ingram The information is wide ranging, yet detailed,written in an easygoing style, by an accomplished rider and teacher I was struck by Ms Ingram s love and respect for horses, and her concern for the safety of the new rider I heartily recommend this book for all new riders, and their teachers.. My husband and I give riding lessons to many riders that are new, some young and some that have finally had the time and resources to pursue a childhood dream One book that I suggest they read and often give them one of my copies is Riding Logic Now I have this great resource that Shelly Ingram has written to add to their list of text to absorb Shelly brings to this publication her no nonsense approach to horsemanship Thank you for taking a subject and making it so easy for the beginner to understand. This is a super introduction for anyone thinking of becoming involved in equestrian activity It is a good, practical guide with lots of follow up links for specific information on background topics.The horsemanship advice is sensible, easy to understand and avoids being patronising not an easy combination Encouragement is a running theme invaluable with horses where set backs will be inevitable I ve been involved with horses on and off for years than I care to think about and still found plenty of snippets of useful information I ll be encouraging my non horsey husband to read this.A thoroughly enjoyable book, informative, fun and easy to read Highly recommended. Lots of good information

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Common Sense Horsemanship: A Safe And Simple Approach To Riding Horses (English Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted Shelly Ingram author readers around the world.