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Dangerous Planet: Natural Disasters That Changed History (English Edition) Did A Meteorite Wipe Out The Dinosaurs And Allow For Human Evolution Did An Earthquake Usher In The Rise Of Greek Civilization Did A Snowstorm Help Create The New York Subway The Answer To All These Questions Is A Resounding Yes Over And Over Again, Natural Disasters Have Influenced The Course Of Human History In Ways Great And Small From The Great Fire Of London To The Great Kanto Quake, Bryn Barnard Describes Ten Key Moments When Natural Disasters Have Played A Significant Role In Shaping Our History Highlighted With Vivid And Meticulously Researched Illustrations, Dangerous Planet Demonstrates The Mighty Force Of Planet Earthand The Role Humanity Must Play In Its Survival It is a beautifully written and illustrated book which can be enjoyed by children, teenagers, and adults because it is totally well researched and attractive to look at. Great book with fun information, well researched and easy to read and not easy to find It came in great condition. I purchased this book for a very advanced reader in grade school who has a passion for learning about extreme weather and natural disasters Hurricanes, hail, rain, blizzards it s all here, along with a prognosis for the future He adored this book, and it continues to stimulate his interest in the subject.The photographs and illustrations are extremely well done, and there is enough here to keep any adult interested Highly recommended

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