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Demolition This book fascinated my 2year old boy Lots of sounds, lots of machines, and a playground at the very end which he still wants to visit We started reading this just as he was beginning to talk and a lot of his phrases and speech patterns started mimicking the book swing the ball, swing the ball, pulling on boots and hats etc my 4yr old daughter also enjoyed the book but not with as much gusto We loved it so much we bought it for our friends with a young boy of their own. This Is All About As Good As It Gets For Truck Obsessed Preschoolers The Horn Book Starred Review From The Huge Crane With A Swinging Ball Crackto The Toothy Jaws That Ram The Walls Thwack, This Rambunctious Demolition, Reverberating With Sound Words, Is Guaranteed To Have Small Kids Rapt Bright Spreads Showcase The Gargantuan Machines In All Their Glory My grandson just loves these books He has them read to him over and over again I believe it is the sounds the reader makes, SLAM, BANG, CLANK of course I m making up the sounds as I don t have the book in front of me But our little man is 1 1 2 years old and when you finish the book he makes the sign and says, More Too cute How can one resist Good thing the parents are stuck with it than me Demolition has been a hit My son absolutely loves Roadwork so I thought he d love this one too Unfortunately this one just doesn t hold his interest It reads very, very similarly to Roadwork so I m not sure why he doesn t enjoy it Nonetheless, if your kid likes construction vehicles and onomatopoeias thwack, whop, wham then I definitely recommend Sally Sutton s books. The worst thing I can say about this book is that it challenges my cynical little heart to read a story about tearing down a building to put up a park Like that would happen But since my two year old doesn t share my jaded outlook on economics and the book is filled with pictures of machinery he has no qualms about it He sits on my lap as we read it and point to different big iron, often making me turn the pages back to get another look This one is in regular rotation in our house and we ll buy whatever else Sutton puts out.

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