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Digger, Dozer, Dumper Each truck and big machine in these enticing rhyming poems is different and little readers are invited to find a vehicle thats like themSixteen boisterous, rhyming poems each one highlighting the job and personality of a different vehicle, from a backhoe to an ambulance to a snowplow invite young children to meet their favorite trucks face to face Cheerful illustrations show each one in action, digging or dozing, or dumping away Engaging visual details like an anxious turtle crossing the street just ahead of a steamroller are sure to keep preschoolers poring over the pages as they consider the question, Trucks as far as eyes can see Which truck would you like to be

About the Author: Hope Vestergaard

As a kid, I was a book fiend I read anything and everything I could get my hands on, including encyclopedias, cereal boxes, and grown up books I lived at the library, checking out the maximum number of books allowed each week and blasting through the summer reading programs When I exhausted the youth and young adult departments at the library, I walked to the flagship Borders store and read new books, cover to cover, in one sitting I was gentle, I promise And all the books I buy nowthan make up for my childhood borrowing When I was eight or nine, I wrote this sentence in my journal When I read a good book I feel like I m hiding inside it, watching the story happen around me This is still true today When I read a great book, I fall right in and I m oblivious to everything else When I was in college, Jane Yolen, Patricia MacLachlan and Jane Dyer visited my Children s Lit class I distinctly remember thinking, That s a cool job But it didn t occur to me that it could be my job I was planning to be a psychologist or teacher I taught in early childhood programs for many years before I considered writing my own stories After reading hundreds of books to young kids, I was fascinated by their responses to different books Why did they love books I hated Why didn t they love books I loved What made a good book good Eventually I started putting my own words to paper, and later, that led me here It s actually a little odd writing this biography As a writer, I m always looking for ways to improve my craft and better understand the writing process, so I m intrigued by the personal backgrounds of my favorite authors But as a reader, I prefer not to be aware of the writer at all I just want to fall into books, and I don t blame anyone else who feels the same way I hope readers fall into mine.

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