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Don Troiani's Civil War AVAILABLE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN PAPERBACK, With Gatefold Cover Over , Copies Sold In HardcoverDon Troiani Probably Knowsabout How Civil War Soldiers Looked And Were Equipped Than Anyone Else Since The Veterans Themselves His Paintings Are Unparalleled In Evoking Civil War Military Culture Both On The Battlefield And In Camp Gary W Gallagher, Author Of The Confederate WarDon Troiani Is Unsurpassed At Recreating, With Absolute Fidelity, The Decisive Moments Of Great Battles Stephen W Sears, Author Of Chancellorsville In The World Of Historical Painting, Don Troiani Stands Alone, Universally Acclaimed For The Accuracy, Drama, And Sensitivity Of His Depictions Of America S Past His Civil War Paintings And Limited Edition Prints Hang In The Finest Collections In The Country And Are Noted Internationally As Well Don Troiani S Civil War The First Collection Of His Civil War Art To Appear In Book Form Is A Chronological Depiction Of Every Face Of The War His Most Famous And Popular Works Most Of Which Are In Private Collections And Unavailable For Viewing Are All Represented Here Many Rarer Pieces, Which Are Not Even Available In Print Form, Are Also Included

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