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Enchantée Enchant e is a marvelous book that brings together several different genres it s a romance with a touch of fantasy magic set during the French Revolution Each of these elements raises the stakes for the others the lovers timetable is compressed by the threat of revolution, the magic allows the heroine to identify with aristocrats even as she resists them, the romance plot makes the magical elements have much emotional resonance than in many other fantasy novels The result is an absorbing and beautifully written exploration of women s power and its limitations in a time of social constraints Enchant e is truly enchanting, and you will find yourself using that same word for it A Compellingly Beautiful Tale Of Magic, Intrigue And Deception, Set Against The Backdrop Of Eighteenth Century Paris On The Cusp Of Revolution Paris In Is A Labyrinth Of Twisted Streets, Filled With Beggars, Thieves, Revolutionaries And Magicians When Seventeen Year Old Camille Is Left Orphaned, She Has To Provide For Her Frail Sister And Her Volatile Brother In Desperation, She Survives By Using The Petty Magic She Learnt From Her Mother But When Her Brother Disappears Camille Decides To Pursue A Richer, Dangerous Mark The Glittering Court Of Louis XVI And Marie Antoinette Using Dark Magic Camille Transforms Herself Into The Baroness De La Fontaine And Presents Herself At The Court Of Versaille, Where She Soon Finds Herself Swept Up In A Dizzying Life Of Riches, Finery And Suitors But Camille S Resentment Of The Rich Is At Odds With The Allure Of Their Glamour And Excess, And She Soon Discovers That She S Not The Only One Leading A Double Life Enchantee Is A Compelling Historical Fantasy And Is Gita Trelease S Debut Novel What a heartbreakingly boring book It had such an interesting premise and I was so looking forward to reading this, but it s a dud wrapped up in a pretty cover The first few chapters held my interest, but the further along it went the it lost me until I just couldn t keep reading Our protagonist Camille Durbonne is so dull and, dare I say, stupid at times that I just couldn t bring myself to care about her or her motivations In fact all of the characters seem rather flat, even the magic, the setting The writing somehow managed to suck all of the inherent glitz and shimmer out of the premise and the location and make it all so lackluster Like champagne with no bubbles Such a shame. Magic ripples through ENCHANT E Gita Trelease s imagination, the language she uses, the relationships she builds between characters that is where the magic begins and of course, there is la magie both petty and dark that the main character, Camille Durbonne, wields This is my favorite kind of book to read, one where I am swept up in the writing, loving each line as much as the story itself One where the characters take your hand and bring you into the pages with them One where magic seems entirely possible.Camille is a character both vulnerable and determined, driven by dire situations to make a better life for her and her sister even by using dark magic As she travels back and forth from Paris to Versailles, the contrast between her true life and her false life blur Who she loves, who she befriends, who she makes an enemy, all collide And because each character is so well developed, I cared about their fates, and their relationships, as much as Camille s.I would have to recite ENCHANT E from start to finish to share all the things I loved about this beautiful book I did not originally plan on purchasing this novel I noticed it on several bookstagramers and heard good things about it but didn t think it would be a book I would like at all I was honestly intimidated in reading this book I knew that it would be set in Paris I do not know much of Paris and was also intimidated that it would have French terms and phrases that I would not understand and would cause me to just disconnect from the story.There were indeed French terms throughout the story, so that is the first thing I want to note However the author did provide a glossary at the end of the book for readers which helped a lot I could tell the author wanted to make sure the reader really enjoyed her novel, and I extremely appreciated the inclusion of the glossary My not having taken any French in high school or college did not affect my reading, and having that experience in this book was extremely interesting It actually kept me invested in the story and what the characters were saying.The story was very interesting, and the struggle the main character endured drew me in However, the conflict was fairly lukewarm in a way The novel focused on the characters rather than the plot or main conflict I enjoyed the characters very much and was really glad this was not an over dramatic, romance filled novel However, I did find myself at time questioning what the main conflict was At some point, the characters seemed to forget their troubles, but it seemed like that was intentional I found myself asking if the character even really cared about the financial difficulties that drive the beginning of the novel At some point, I said, Camille, it s time to snap out of it Remember what you told herself By about forty to fifty percent into the novel, Camille s focus changed Or rather, she got distracted and too caught up in the elegance of her facade I mean, I couldn t blame her I was just as much invested in it as she was The elegance and beauty of it just drew me in, and I just wanted her to remain in that state longer so I could enjoy her lavishing experiences I do admit that I wished her family conflicts drove of the plot, but it drove it enough to lead Camille to other small conflicts and obstacles that held my attention I expected the family struggles to provide urgency than they actually did However, they did eventually catch up to Camille and remind her of what she was fighting for.Who would I recommend this to Anyone in love with France and elegantly clever female characters Magic lovers Fantasy lovers And history lovers This book has a bit of everything There s a bit of romance, but it is not the main driving force of the story, which I actually enjoyed for a change There is just enough of it to draw you in.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Enchantée book, this is one of the most wanted Gita Trelease author readers around the world.

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