[Ebook] Eruption!: The Science of Saving Lives Con Elizabeth Rusch – Vehikool.co.uk

Eruption!: The Science of Saving Lives Hundreds of millions of people live in volcano hazard zones In response to a tragic eruption in Columbia in 1985 a small group of scientists formed an international volcano crises team Using cutting edge technology they hoped to apply the lessons learned from the Mt St Helen s eruption to save lives around the world In exciting and vivid prose Eruption chronicles their efforts as they travel to dramatic and dangerous locations and, in partnership with a diverse group of local scientists, fight to predict cataclysmic events including the 1991 Mt Pinatubo eruption in the Philippines and the 2010 eruption of Mt Merapi in Indonesia In this latest addition to the excellent Scientists in the Field series, clever design breaks up the text into easily digestible chunks and magma colored panels highlight intriguing background information and facts Lots of gorgeous color photographs provide a sense of the people and places at risk, as well as the technology and techniques of the scientists A glossary, chapter notes, selected bibliography and index complete this superb book. At Pm As Radio Armero Played Cheerful Music, A Towering Wave Of Mud And Rocks Bulldozed Through The Village, Roaring Like A Squadron Of Fighter Jets Twenty Three Thousand People Died In The Eruption Of Colombias Nevado Del Ruiz Today, Than One Billion People Worldwide Live In Volcanic Danger Zones In This Riveting Nonfiction Bookfilled With Spectacular Photographs And SidebarsRusch Reveals The Perilous, Adrenaline Fueled, Life Saving Work Of An International Volcano Crisis Team VDAP And The Sleeping Giants They Study, From Colombia To The Philippines, From Chile To Indonesia My son loved it A Wow I learned so much from this book and the writing is just gripping History, science, culture, what happens to people when they don t know the history of the ground on which they live Great book

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