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First Class Murder: A Murder Most Unladylike Mystery (English Edition) A Delight Hazel And Daisy Are Aboard The Orient Express Cue Spies, Priceless Jewels, A Murder And Seriously Upgraded Bun Breaks The Bookseller Addictive A Rumbustious Reworking Of Agatha Christies Orient Express Caper Amanda Craig New Statesman The Third Book In The Murder Most Unladylike Series, First Class Murder Harks Back To The Golden Age Of Boarding School Stories, Channelling Angela Brazil, Antonia Forest, And Elinor M Brent Dyer With A Generous Dash Of Agatha Christie For Good Measure This Time, Our Gymslip Wearing Sleuths, Daisy Wells And Hazel Wong, Swap School For A Trip On The Orient Express Top Larks Red MagazineThe Third Gripping Mystery Starring Daisy Wells And Hazel Wong, Set On The Glamorous Orient Express The third Wells and Wong mystery series takes place in a very familiar locale for anyone with a love of crime novels the Orient Express Robin Stevens s love for Agatha Christie s famous mystery is clear throughout the book Daisy even has a copy , but this is certainly not a retread of Murder of the Orient Express.Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are on holiday in Europe with Hazel s father, who is hoping his supervision will ensure the two of them don t get into any trouble the teenagers having already solved two murder mysteries in the past Hazel is a little intimidated by her strict and traditional father, but Daisy s drive and vivaciousness means that she s caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the strange goings on in the luxurious train How can she solve a crime in such a confined space without her father realizing what she s doing It s obvious that everyone in the first class carriage has something to hide the Russian countess, the wealthy magnate, the impoverished writer, the eccentric clairvoyant, mysterious stage magician though Hazel is curious about Alexander Arcady, the young man about her age who s accompanying his grandmother and seems just as interested in crime solving as she does.With a locked room mystery, a missing ruby, a host of suspects and a disapproving father, First Class Murder is another great instalment in this mystery series, and definitely the best when it comes to atmosphere What can possibly top the luxury and intrigue of the Orient Express As ever, Daisy and Hazel butt heads over how exactly to proceed with the investigation this time with the added strain of keeping it hidden from Hazel s father , with Daisy preferring the direct approach and Hazel wanting to be conscientious about people s feelings.I m really enjoying the Wells and Wong books Robin Stevens has created two fantastic characters in Daisy and Hazel, and their friendship is much complicated than just two besties solving crimes Daisy can be too demanding and headstrong, while Hazel is introverted and thoughtful gradually learning that it s just as challenging to stand up for herself as it is for victims of crime.There are also some poignant hints regarding the fact that World War II is just around the corner, and the constant micro aggressions that Hazel and her father have to endure from Europeans who are immediately suspicious of anyone from China It s a great read in a great series. Daisy and Hazel come across a murder on the Orient Express, just like the Agatha Christie novel Obviously there are some major differences and I much prefer this detective duo to Poirot It s hard for them to investigate the death because they are travelling with Hazel s father who goes to great lengths in keeping them away from anything he deems inappropriate That made great reading because the girls were forced to be inventive how they gathered clues and compiled the information.While I probably wouldn t want to have a holiday on a train, daily life on board trains boats fascinates me The girls explore every aspect from the compact cabins with everything you need tuck in them somehow, to the dining cart and the on call porter or whatever he is called They accidentally meet an old acquaintance who both helps and hinders their case because at times she is on their father s side, and at other times appreciates the good work the girls do.They get into a fair amount of trouble and peril, with laughs along the way which is what makes this book and series so exciting to read There is little doubt of the strength of friendship between the two rather different girls who compliment each other s characteristics which are useful for different parts of their investigation I wonder where they will end up in the next book I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review on my blog Nayu s Reading Corner

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