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Ganesha's Sweet Tooth This was a very pretty book, the story is fun for kids to read or be read too If you are worried about religious indoctrination of your children Don t It s just a fun book that uses one religions god as the main character It s actually mildly educational as it opens up kids to the fact that all over the world people have different beliefs. The Bold, Bright Colors Of India Leap Right Off The Page In This Fresh And Funny Picture Book Retelling With A Twist Of How Ganesha Came To Help Write The Epic Poem Of Hindu Literature, The Mahabharata Ganesha Is Just Like Any Other Kid, Except That He Has The Head Of An Elephant And Rides Around On A Magical Mouse And He Loves Sweets, Especially The Traditional Dessert Laddoo But When Ganesha Insists On Biting Into A Super Jumbo Jawbreaker Laddoo, His Tusk Breaks Off Ganesha Is Terribly Upset, But With The Help Of The Wise Poet Vyasa, And His Friend Mr Mouse, He Learns That What Seems Broken Can Actually Be Quite Useful After All With Vibrant, Graphic Illustrations, Expressive Characters, And Offbeat Humor, This Is A Wonderfully Inventive Rendition Of A Classic Tale i suspected, but didn t know for sure, that this was a cultural legend until I read the note at the end of the book I m glad to have different cultures stories in my son s library Overall, I like the message of the story, but the way it s presented here is pretty uninspiring and likely doesn t do the original legend justice But the illustrations some of my favorite I ve ever seen Bright, geometric, somewhat abstract I ll forgive the uninspiring storytelling and read this book often just to admire the beautiful, unique illustrations I am tired of oversimplified illustrations that you see everywhere in so many books.I mean that while it is great to have generic stories with typical boys and girls and their families etc, look how culturally loaded this one is How many details you can see and wonder about the bracelets, the sari, the ladoo, the beads Look at the geometric beautiful patterns and tiny details Now, my mom said that that wouldn t be my choice and I agree, it s probably not for everyone, but the way I chose books for my kid is get different styles to let them see different things they might not like it, but it s good to see different things and choose your favorites, and there s always a chance they will grow to like them later get different cultures and show kids that people can wear, say and like different things, that s how the world isGreat book, my kid and I loved it My kiddos LOVE LOVE LOVE this book We ve been living in the US for years and I ve never seen kids versions of Hindu mythological stories This a great adaptation drawing in themes and concepts that kids are exposed to in their daily lives and tying it back to the mythological story I ordered this for my young twins not even 2 yet when they were smaller, they appreciated listening to the story but they also loved the beautiful illustrations Now that they re closer to 2, they re really appreciating the different aspects of the story as well Awesome book, I highly recommend it

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