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Gangsta Granny [Lingua inglese] At the recommendation of a cousin in England, we tracked down some David Walliams books, and Gangsta Granny was the first we read I read this to my 8 year old son and we both got a kick out of the characters and the plot twists and the irreverent and saucy language David Walliams reminds me a lot of Roald Dahl which is high praise David Walliams is our new favorite author It s worth noting that some of the language is British English and not American English so we had to figure some things out from the context, but it wasn t a major issue and led to some fun conversations about the differences in the two languages We re now reading Awful Auntie and are enjoying it as much as Gangsta Granny Another Hilarious And Moving Novel From David Walliams, Number One Bestseller And Fastest Growing Children S Author In The CountryA Story Of Prejudice And Acceptance, Funny Lists And Silly Words, This New Book Has All The Hallmarks Of David S Previous BestsellersOur Hero Ben Is Bored Beyond Belief After He Is Made To Stay At His Grandma S House She S The Boringest Grandma Ever All She Wants To Do Is To Play Scrabble, And Eat Cabbage Soup But There Are Two Things Ben Doesn T Know About His Grandma She Was Once An International Jewel Thief All Her Life, She Has Been Plotting To Steal The Crown Jewels, And Now She Needs Ben S Help Granny tries to make her life exciting for her grandson Little does he know what he ll be getting involved in.I howled at this book When Ben finds out his grandmother was an international jewel thief, he looks at her with new eyes Then when he gets involved in the biggest heist of all I lost it Not only his he totally in with the greatest theft of all but poor Ben has raised his parents expectations of wanting to dance ballroom style which is their favorite thing to watch on TV Ben and Granny are wild as they plan and execute those plans They have no idea who they will meet and who will aid them with their heist Then to be almost undone by a nosy neighbor The narrator is very prevalent through the story with hints and asides that are as funny as the story You will need a hanky at the end, so be prepared You also meet Raj who is also in Demon Dentist I love this author I cannot wait to pick up another of his books and I know exactly to whom to give this book. this is a amazing book to read I was so excited to get it I could read this book over and over again I recommand this book for a person who loves a good laugh, or just loves david walliams books I can t wait to read like it. My son and I absolutely loved this book It tells the story of a boy who thinks his old Granny is boring with her smelly Cabbage soup and Scrabble play and how their relationship develops throughout the story The story covers many issues which are sometimes uncomfortable but good learning for children who may otherwise come from great upbringings One of which is his somewhat dysfunctional parents who are interested in their obsession with ballroom dancing then their son Later you see this relationship improve The other being the relationship between a young child and his grandmother and how age inevitable leads to the topic of dying.The boy dreads Friday nights at Grannys house until one day when trying to get himself a treat from the biscuit tin high on the shelf he discovers it holds diamonds Granny then makes up stories about her jewel heists From there you follow the hilarious adventure as the two of them plan an attempt to steal the Crown Jewels The ending is brilliant and having never cried in a kid s book before I was pausing many times to gain composure as I read on with my son. My 8 year old son loved Gangsta Granny, and read it very quickly I then bought Grandpa s Great Escape and he loved that one as well I just bought 6 of David Walliams books, as my son loves his work Highly recommended Un altro godibilissimo libro di Walliams, un compagno irrinunciabile delle nostre letture serali in famiglia Consigliato a chi ama Dahl. This book is an easy reading for our 8y old daughter and a good laugh for the whole family Granny is cool

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