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Halo Official Spartan Field Manual I was expecting a little depth as has been displayed in other in universe items This added some new information, but glossed over much of the Spartan training information and standards I expected It s a decent first attempt, but I feel it could have been better As a former service member, I know firsthand how much critical and detailed information is usually contained within a field manual put into easy to follow instructions This lacked those basic concepts This read like an overview than a manual. Spartans Humanity S First And Last Line Of Defense In A Hostile Th Century Galaxy You Have Been Selected To Join Their RanksThe Official Spartan Field Manual Is A Guide To Every Element Of The United Nations Space Command UNSC SPARTAN IV Program, Disseminated To All Newly Augmented Spartans Inside These Pages Is The Guidance You Ll Need To Put Your Enhanced Strength, Speed, And Skills To Use In Both War Games Training Simulations And, Ultimately, Joint Combat Operations This Manual Is Essential For Getting To Know The Weapons And Vehicles You Will Be Using On The Battlefield, As Well As The Allies And Enemies You Can Expect To EncounterPULSORY READING FOR ALL SPARTAN IV FIRETEAM LEADERS AND COMMANDERS A reference book that takes the in universe form of a field manual given to a Spartan IV who has been assigned to the Infinity shortly before the opening of Halo 5, it is aimed at introducing preteens and teenagers to the universe of Halo through the history of the Spartan programs while including some information on the other UNSC branches, the Covenant and its species, the Didact and the Prometheans, some human and Covenant planets, and some human, Covenant, and Forerunner weapons and vehicles.Being aimed at a younger audience, the writing is at a simpler level than what Halo is usually like There is also the occasional annotated note from Gabriel Throne and Tedra Grant of Fireteam Majestic, some informational, some commentary, and some humorous The pages are also filled with promotional game renders, in game renders, renders from cutscenes, artwork from previous works like Mythos, and concept art from Halo Infinite.The Spartan Field Manual is okay Since it is aimed at an audience that does not know much or anything about Halo and the Spartans, the vast majority of the information in the book is stuff already known to most of the Halo audience though there are a few little new tidbits, but nothing that would make the book a must buy for establish fans Again, this is aimed at people who are not already Halo fans. As a US Navy servicemember and a long time Halo fan, I just had to get my hands on this book My expectation was to learn about the Spartan IV program and maybe pick up some interesting canonical information The book did deliver some new tidbits and details, such as the ranking system, physical readiness standards, and However, this book was definitely written for young teens or children, so it wasn t targeted towards me Also, the book is akin to an encyclopedia than an actual field manual I also noticed quite a few parts in this book are almost word for word copied from Halopedia articles, most notably the entry for Sangheili Generals There are also a few image errors, such as the image for Sangheili Zealots being that of a Sangheili Officer All in all, it was an entertaining read If you re someone who is only interested in purchasing this book for lore, my advice is to wait for the contents to be posted on Halopedia instead. I was fairly excited to pre order this book hoping it would arrive and I could gather as much new information as possible about my favorite universe Unfortunately, the day it arrived out of the envelope it was not covered in plastic Not sure if it was suppose to here but it certainly should have if it was going to receive damage before I had gotten a chance to flip through it The envelope didn t seem to have any pressed edges, so I am to assume that it received the damage before being put inside of it To top it off, this book almost seems as if it were written for a child It s low level of vocabulary matched with the fact that most of it isn t even reminiscent of a field manual and all of it s information being something easily accessible in wikipedia for years now is almost a spit in the face I m not sure if it was marketed towards children so than the actual fans, but I doubt I will test the waters with these types of books again. If you re new to Halo Lore or to the Halo Universe in general, then this book will be a great steppingstone to get you up to speed on what s going on.HOWEVER I ve you re a veteran Halo fan such as myself, then this book is going to be nothing but 200 pages of everything you ve already seen read a hundred times before.This book is very sporadic when it comes to its own content It starts off by trying to look futuristic, then it will show concept art, then it goes back to data pad format, then it shows screenshots from various games, then concept art It s like it can t pick a theme.The information in the book is also geared towards a younger audience so you re not going to find the full in depth explanations that you would get out of other Halo guides like The Essential Visual Gide Which is in my opinion the best Halo guide book So again, if you re new to the Halo universe and are looking to get caught up so Halo s 4 and 5 make sense, then this book is for you But if you ve been playing Halo for years like I have, then you may want to skip over this book unless you want it for your collection If not it s a lazily made guide full of bare bones information that you already know.

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