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Improving the Rider's Position A Guide To Achieving A Poised And Effective Riding Position Which Will Enhance Performance Allowing The Rider To Remain Constantly In Balance With The Horse Contents Include Sitting Centrally On The Seat Bones, Correcting Upper Body Alignment, Avoiding Tension, Developing A Sensitive Rein Contact And Maintaining A Good Position Whilst In Walk, Trot And Canter

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    I bought this along with The Rider s Aids I just love this series of short 24 page books and plan on getting especially no 42 Better Riding Through Exercise.The diagrams in this one are absolutely brilliant transparent rider s bodies showing the vertebrae, pelvis, leg and feet bones etc Plus the transparent body of the horse and it

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    These books are all amazing, easy to read Book itself was perfect quality.

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    I thought this was going to be an actual book but it s of a pamphlet type but that in no way takes away from the message inside it s very in formative really helps you to understand.

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    Waste of money, returned next day.

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    Informative, well presented and lots of diagrams, great

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    Brilliant thank you

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    Well written, easy to follow illustrations this is informative guide for the novice rider we found it very interesting

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    For those who are learning or returning and thought it would be like riding a bike but have forgotten Recommended.

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    Very good clear instructions

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    Purchased for my daughter who found it very helpful.

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    Easy to read and understand.

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    All perfect, Thanks

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    good condition

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