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Japanese Battleships: Fuso and Ise Classes If you are familiar with the ShipCraft series, this will tell you what you already know Superb photos of outstanding replicas of these important ships, a short history, camouflage drawing and are packed into this book Prior to reading it, I really had no idea about these ships beyond their fantastic looking pagoda super structures Now I am informed as to the differences, similarities, history, and model making possibilities for all four of them Well done, as usual. Nicely done but could use updated kit reviews. Period photos, a fairly complete basic history of the ships, a listing pictures of most available models accessories, color profiles, is what you get on 64 pages of stout glossy paper Not being much of a ship modeler, I can still appreciate the work involved as well as the very nicely done finished products shown here A lot of bang for not too many bucks.Good basic coverage of the 4 slow battleships in these 2 classes, Fuso, Yamashiro,Ise, Hyuga from the early post WW1 era through their reconstructions alterations up until 1945 including the rather useless carrier battleship conversions of Ise Hyuga in 1943.. Seaforth books rock Very pleased with the format and content Great for modellers. Excellent, designed specifically for model makers. The ShipCraft Series Provides In Depth Information About Building And Modifying Model Kits Of Famous Warship Types Lavishly Illustrated, Each Book Takes The Modeler Through A Brief History Of The Subject Class, Highlighting Differences Between Sisterships And Changes In Their Appearance Over Their Careers This Includes Paint Schemes And Camouflage, Featuring Color Profiles And Highly Detailed Line Drawings And Scale Plans The Modeling Section Reviews The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Available Kits, Lists Commercial Accessory Sets For Super Detailing Of The Ships, And Provides Hints On Modifying And Improving The Basic Kit This Is Followed By An Extensive Photographic Survey Of Selected High Quality Models In A Variety Of Scales, And The Book Concludes With A Section On Research References Books, Monographs, Large Scale Plans And Relevant Websites This Volume Covers The Two Related Classes Of Japanese In Gunned Battleships, Originally Built During The First World War But Subsequently Totally Reconstructed They Are Famous For The Towering Forward Superstructure, Usually Described As A Pagoda Bridge, That They Featured When Rebuilt Ise And Hyuga Underwent Further Reconstruction During The Second World War To Emerge As A Unique Hybrid Of Battleship And Aircraft Carrier In A Desperate Attempt To Compensate For Fleet Carriers Sunk Earlier In The War

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