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Jolly Foul Play: A Murder Most Unladylike Mystery (English Edition) Join Daisy And Hazel On Their Fourth Murder Mystery Ripping Good Fun The Times Thrilling Guardian As They Return To Deepdean For A New School Term, Daisy Wells And Hazel Wong Are Faced With Some Big Changes For One, There S A New Head Girl, Elizabeth Hurst, And A Team Of Prefects And These Bullying Big Girls Are Certainly Not Good Eggs Then, After The Fireworks Display On Bonfire Night, Elizabeth Is Found MurderedMany Girls At Deepdean Had Reason To Hate Elizabeth, But Who Might Have Committed Such Foul Play Could The Murder Be Linked To The Secrets And Scandals, Scribbled On Scraps Of Paper, That Are Suddenly Appearing Around The School And With Their Own Friendship Falling To Pieces, How Will Daisy And Hazel Solve This Mystery Top Class Financial Times A Delight Daily Mail The of these books I read, the I love this series I know they re hitting US shelves a few years behind the UK releases, but I hope this series continues for a long time Once again, Stevens impressed me with her blend of murder, mayhem, mystery and mawesome female characters I love how Daisy and Hazel s friendship has continued to grow and change over this series As the girls get older, they don t always see eye to eye and they have to learn how to maintain their friendship while being true to themselves and their changing interests.I m partial to Hazel because we re reading the series through her documentation of the mysteries the duo is solving Yet, Hazel has a good understanding of Daisy Even when the two are fighting, Hazel makes an effort to stop and see things from Daisy s point of view I think that s an important message for younger and older readers if you want to keep a strong friendship, you need to take the time to understand and work with your differences.I like that Stevens doesn t shy away from the dirty details in her cases Now, these books aren t graphic by any means, but these are teenage girls solving murder cases and confronting killers There s always a sense of adventure and danger, but without it being brutal or gruesome I also love how seriously the girls, especially Hazel, take the cases For Hazel, solving mysteries isn t a lark and often they weigh on her.This book has mega Mean Girls vibes I m not sure if it was intentional but I m here for it Elizabeth and her nasty crew are ruling the school, making life miserable for all the younger girls, while the adults remain oblivious The negative attitudes of Elizabeth and The Five start to wear on the girls, making everyone negative and paranoid There s even a Scandal Book full of rumors and some nasty truths about the girls in the school Much like in Mean Girls, we learn that The Five aren t as happy under Elizabeth s rule as they seem They become the main suspects in her murder and I loved watching The Five develop through the eyes of Daisy and Hazel as they uncover their secrets.This book deals a lot with the toxicity of rumors and secrets It also delves deeper into the friendship of Daisy and Hazel, as well as their friendship with their dorm mates, Beanie, Kitty and Lavinia I enjoyed seeing the other girls become stronger characters and get involved in the cases Beanie is super adorable and definitely my favorite of the three She has some great moments in this book and she s definitely the embodiment of a caring spirit.Stevens addresses the difference between male and female friends and the importance of understanding that your friendship with one person can be different than with another, yet neither needs to be lessened by the other Hmm, there s probably an easier way of saying that, but I can t think of what it is right now So here s this quote from Hazel I really saw how I could be both Daisy s friend and Alexander s I could be honest with both, but I did not have to give them the same part of myself There s also a bit of lesbian rep in this book, which was a pleasant surprise It s one of the many sub plots and I was glad to see it included I m curious to see if we ll get rep in the future.I highly recommend this series if You love middle grade mysteries and want a new Sherlockian duo You re looking for a series where you can watch the characters grow You enjoy books that explore topics like changing friendships, family drama, and loyalties, with a healthy dose of murder thrown in Not strictly for adults, but maybe a bit blood thirsty for intermediate readers Enjoyable, but should be reviewed by a parent or teacher before being given to children. Hazel Wong and Daisy Wells, both aged fourteen in 1935, are back at Deepdean School for Girls, a prestigious boarding school for young English ladies Though technically Hazel isn t English at all she s been sent to England from Hong Kong by her Anglophile father to get a proper education , and she s determined not to disappoint him.But the two friends are also amateur detectives, and having already solved three murder mysteries, Daisy is certain that another is on the horizon.Things have changed at Deepdean thanks to an unpleasant Head Girl called Elizabeth Hurst, all the prefects are bullying the younger girls, and everyone is squabbling and on edge Like an infection, Elizabeth s influence is poisoning the entire school.So it s of little surprise that after the fireworks display on Bonfire Night, Elizabeth is found dead hit on the head with a rake The teachers are quick to call it an accident, but Daisy and Hazel aren t so sure Elizabeth was a known secret gatherer, and clues accumulate to suggest that it was one of her inner circle of prefects who did the deed in order to prevent a shameful secret from coming to light But which one was it Daisy and Hazel this time helped by the other girls in their dorm room begin to eliminate the suspects, acutely aware that the atmosphere of the school has changed With secrets of the older girls being discovered on little scraps of notepaper, the younger students are growing bold and insolent, and Daisy is concerned the culprit behind the notes is putting herself in danger from the killerThis was one of my favourite instalments in the Wells and Wong series, mostly because Robin Stevens is so good at providing insight into all her characters, from protagonists to suspects to victim For instance, Elizabeth Hurst is a wholly unpleasant person, and yet Hazel is astute enough to realize she s also deeply unhappy, and is compassionate enough to feel pity during her memorial service.As ever, the partnership between Daisy and Hazel is electric the former providing the crazy plans and ideas, and the latter imparting an introspective understanding of individuals They make for a great team, though this semester Hazel is keeping a secret from Daisy she s corresponding with the boy they met during their holiday on the Orient Express, and giving him details about their detective work As ever, I appreciate that they re not perfect besties, but that an important part of Hazel s personal growth is learning to stand up to her rather domineering friend.In all, this is a great series with two fantastic protagonists and a range of entertaining mysteries that fit right into the Golden Age of Crime period I d love to see them adapted into a television show at some point they d be wonderful to see on the screen. Another wonderful Wells and Wong detective story When the head girl at Deepdean School for Girls dies during a bonfire, Daisy and Hazel are on the case They witnessed how the victim and her group of big girl prefects had terrorized the younger girls at the school Malicious rumors and secrets began to turn up after the death Along with their dorm mates, they conclude that the prefects are the only viable suspects Hazel s voice , telling the story as she recorded it for their Detective Society, is wonderful Thanks to my daughter, I now have three in the series. Another good mystery, and a thought provoking story about bullying and the evils of telling other people s most devastating secrets There are some ugly moments, and ups and downs, and most of the girls enjoy cruel gossiping too much True to life, I m sure Well, the story is good, and the ending is satisfying Good book.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Jolly Foul Play: A Murder Most Unladylike Mystery (English Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted Robin Stevens author readers around the world.

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