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Kid Lawyer The Thrilling Young Mystery Series From Internationally Bestselling Author John Grisham In The Small City Of Strattenburg, There Are Many Lawyers, And Though He S Only Thirteen Years Old, Theo Boone Thinks He S One Of Them Theo Knows Every Judge, Policeman, Court Clerk And A Lot About The Law He Dreams Of Being A Great Trial Lawyer, Of A Life In The Courtroom But Theo Finds Himself In Court Much Sooner Than Expected Because He Knows So Much Maybe Too Much He Is Suddenly Dragged Into The Middle Of A Sensational Murder Trial A Cold Blooded Killer Is About To Go Free, And Only Theo Knows The Truth The Stakes Are High, But Theo Won T Stop Until Justice Is Served

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    Il libro scritto bene ma la storia banale e la trama ed il finale scontati.Vi sono troppi luoghi comuni Il ragazzino eccessivamente serio e sensato Ho fatto fatica a finire di leggerlo.

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    L autore di decine di libri e film di successo, l inventore del genere legal thriller, si cimenta in una nuova sfida rendere appetibile la sua creatura giallistica anche ai ragazzi E lo fa attraverso la figura di uno di loro, Theodore Boone, un ragazzino americano di 13 anni, figlio di due noti avvocati civilisti e come tale, appassionato del diritto.Theo da grande vuole diventare un grande a

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    Libro consigliato per ragazzi Inglese molto scorrevole adatto a chi, come me, non ha piena conoscenza della lingua.

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    dopo aver comprato questo ho comprato anche gli altri 2 semplicemente fantastici Scritti in maniera magistrale dal grande John Grisham

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    I first have to say that after finishing this book, I went to look at book 2, which is where I saw that this is a series designed for tweens teens LOLI m 58 years old and had just finished a 4 book series by Greg Isles that was about 3200 pages total with a lot of characters Excellent series, but I needed something less intense to read yet would keep my attention Grisham is an excellent writer and I have re

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    This is a terrific series for middle schoolers or elementary school kids with an advanced reading level The content is pretty mature Theodore Boone, the first book, is about a murder trial and the suspect is a slimy man suspected of killing his wife But no violent than most other books in this age group There is lots of great information about how the court system works and just good common sense and moral deci

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    This title and the fact that it was John Grisham drew me to the book as I love his writing and I have such fond memories of two of my sons and how much they loved the mystery solving child Encyclopedia Brown My middle son could always solve the mystery long before the end cam while my oldest son was frustrated that he took longer figuring it out As always Grisham did not disappoint It is a charming and well written b

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    I love this Grisham novel written just for young adults I use it in my tutoring and teaching The main character is a middle schooler who wants to be a lawyer when he grows into manhood and his career He already knows much about the law than most adults His parents are both lawyers and he hangs around the courthouse and knows all the latest scoop on cases He happens to discover someone who witnessed a crime and has to dec

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    The premise behind this book really is quite clever Two highly successful lawyers marry, have a child, and surprise, surprise the offspring decides he wants to be a lawyer when he grows up A nice, realistic portrayal of life in a legal household The good thing about young Master Boone is that he is a very likeable character, both within the confines of the story, and beyond Readers will like him because of his relative modesty

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