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Last Descendants Nothing In Owen S Life Has Been Right Since His Father Died In Prison, Accused Of A Crime Owen Is Certain He Didn T Commit Monroe, The IT Guy At School, Might Finally Bring Owen The Means To Clear His Father S Name By Letting Him Use An Animus A Device That Lets Users Explore Genetic Memories Buried Within Their Own DNA During A Simulation, Owen Comes Uncovers The Existence Of A Powerful Relic Long Considered A Legend The Trident Of Eden Now Two Secret Organizations Will Stop At Nothing To Take Possession Of This Artifact The Brotherhood Of Assassins And The Templar Order It Becomes Clear The Only Way To Save Himself Is To Find The Trident FirstUnder The Guidance Of Monroe, Owen And A Group Of Other Teenagers Go Into A Memory They All Share Within Their DNA The Draft Riots In New York City Owen And His Companions Will Find Themselves Tested On The Violent Streets Of New York, And Their Experiences In The Past Will Have Far Reaching Consequences In The Present The modern day series of the Assassin s Creed novels caught me by a pleasant surprise.First, the novel is written in third person and I enjoyed the firt person view of AC Forsaken, Black Flag and Unity better than the third person of the novels depicting Altair s and Ezio s adventures and the last AC Underworld But this approach suited the novel better enabling mixing the view of most of the characters, past and present, in a very cohesive and well flowing way Although Owen is the main protagonist, having the POV of his ancestors as well as his companions made the story richer I especially enjoyed the way personalities of the present and past day characters mingled and came out during the goings on.Second, although the primary audience is the young adults and so the characters of the book are what I would call older children, their personalities are shaped by their own experience, or that of the ancestors they got to take part in, so actually the language of the books and the mindets of the protagonists are both believable and enjoyable for us senior fans of the AC world.Third this time there is no game associated with the novel At first, especially after meeting Monroe, I hoped the book would tie to the AC Initiates project That, unfortunately, did not come to pass, but we came to get a glimpse of a known character Still, lot of the story is taking part in modern day It ties very subtly well in the case of AC Locus not so subtly but still without flaw at least one I could spot with other stories of the AC universe especially the comic books.And last, but not least, the introduction of the animus technology and the Memory corridor, and syncing and desyncing with the ancestors I never really thought about these parts of the game too much, but the book includes them in the story in very fluent and natural way, making me think of how come I never speculated on these aspects of the game.Overall I would highly suggest this novel to any fan of the series, especially one who cares for the overall story than the actual slaying of the enemies And for comic book fans I recomend to read this novel before starting the AC Locus series, as they tie togerther, the Locus following in the story where the novel ended. Last Descendants Assassin s Creed Last Descendants 1 by Matthew J Kirby Book ReviewI must admit something I love video games It s not the most shocking revelation, but I actually enjoy games for the same reason that I enjoybooks great storytelling One of my favorite stories in games is the continuing story of the Assassin s Creed universe, and that story hasnow been driven into the Young Adult book world with Matthew J Kirby s Last Descendants Assassin s Creed Last Descendants 1 Here is thesynopsis Nothing in Owen s life has been right since his father died in prison, accused of a crime Owen is certain he didn t commit Monroe, the IT guyat school, might finally bring Owen the means to clear his father s name by letting him use an Animus a device that lets users explore thegenetic memories buried within their own DNA The experience brings Owen than he bargained for During a simulation, Owen uncovers theexistence of an ancient and powerful relic long considered legend the Trident of Eden Now two secret organizations will stop at nothing to takepossession of this artifact the Brotherhood of Assassins and the Templar Order It soon becomes clear to Owen that the only way to save himselfis to find the Trident first.Under the guidance of Monroe, Owen and a group of other teenagers go into a memory they all share within their DNA the 1863 Draft Riots inNew York City Owen and his companions will find themselves tested on the gritty streets of New York, and their experiences in the past willhave far reaching consequences in the present.I loved the transition of the series into the YA genre Bringing together this random group of young teenagers gives the readers of a connectionwith the story of the AC universe, with each character coming from a difficult background and almost becoming the readers eyes and ears, as eachteenager is as much of an outsider to the war between the Assassins and the Templar Order Learning about the war and the technology of theanimus, the teens go to a tumultuous time period to an era where their ancestors were at the forefront of the Civil War, showing the impactthe war had on a city divided such as New York, and the stakes of that war.It s message of racism and divide between the country has clearly never been real and has not had as deep as a connection as it does intoday s political and social scene, as our country faces a similar divide once The story does a great job of highlighting the struggleseach teen deals with, from racial or societal issues to questions of friendship, sexuality, disabilities and This is a book that is just asmulti cultured as the video games themselves, and the deep use of the AC mythology was perfectly used in this new story With this being thefirst of a new book series, this is a fantastic read that helps start a wonderful new story arc, and I highly recommend it I give this book a10 10, and hope you guys will pick up this book today

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