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Look into My Eyes (Ruby Redfort, Book 1) (English Edition) Praise For Lauren Child Lauren Child Is A Publishing Phenomenon Observer MagazineLauren Child Is So Good Its Exhilarating The IndependentPraise For The Ruby Redfort Series The Coolest Girl Hero In Years Child Refuses To Write Down To Her Tween And Teen Audience And Challenges Readers With Twists Than A Curling Tongs Party The TimesRedfort Is One Of The Best Things To Happen To Ten Plus British Fiction The TimesThe New Ruby Redfort Book Is Utterly Exceptionordinarily Brilliant Clarice BeanLauren Child Has Put Imagination And Fun Back Into The Real Worlds Of Childhood Julia Eccleshare, GuardianCool, Punchy, Stylish SunA Cracking Adventure MailWhat Could Adventure Loving Girls Want The Sunday TimesHey, Buster Normal Life Is A Total Yawn Break Out Of Boredom With Ruby Redfort, The Super Awesome New Creation From Multi Million Copy Bestseller Lauren ChildWant To Know Of Course You Do, BozoHeres The Low Down On Ruby Redfort Shes A Genius Code Cracker, A Daring Detective, And A Gadget Laden Special Agent Who Just Happens To Be A Thirteen Year Old Girl She And Her Slick Sidekick Butler, Hitch, Foil Crimes And Get Into Loads Of Scrapes With Evil Villains, But Theyre Always Ice Cool In A CrisisIn This First Book, We Go Right Back To Rubys Beginnings As An Agent When An Anonymous Caller Sets Ruby A Challenge, Its Not Long Before She Finds Her Way Into The HQ Of The Most Secret Of Secret Agencies SPECTRUM They Need Her Help To Crack A Code But Her Desk Job Soon Spirals Into An All Out Action Adventure, As Ruby Uncovers The Dastardly Plans Of The Formidable Fools Gold Gang

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    This is our THIRD purchase of this book We found out about the series from a teacher friend whose own daughters enjoyed them Purchase 1 Loved it so much we bought a.1 cent like new copy for her classroom 2 Another for a cousin s B

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    Actually an awesome story, but completely let down by the binding pages fell out every time we turned the page, leaving us with a pile of loose pages Great for grade school kids, as well as parents who loved reading Lauren Child s wonderful

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    The book is excellent my 9 yr old loves it and is completely absorbed The problem is the binding All the pages are coming out once she passed page 100 and she is understandably frustrated I tried to fix it but have so far taped 50 pages Of course the

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    With cliffhangers keeping the pages turning, we enjoyed this book immensely Clever and full of clean, fun suspense Great for readers and a good read aloud for the younger ones even Spoiler one death at the end of a bad guy by gunshot and much independent sleut

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    My 13 year old daughter read and reviewed this Ruby Redford s Look into My Eyes is a really cool book but they use slang like gotta and gonna a lot which is a bit irritating I would give four stars Great story line and I cannot wait to read the next ones

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