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Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor (Book 2) Thor S Hammer Is Missing Again The Thunder God Has A Disturbing Habit Of Misplacing His Weapon The Mightiest Force In The Nine Worlds But This Time The Hammer Isn T Just Lost, It Has Fallen Into Enemy Hands If Magnus Chase And His Friends Can T Retrieve The Hammer Quickly, The Mortal Worlds Will Be Defenseless Against An Onslaught Of Giants Ragnarok Will Begin The Nine Worlds Will Burn Unfortunately, The Only Person Who Can Broker A Deal For The Hammer S Return Is The Gods Worst Enemy, Loki And The Price He Wants Is Very High

8 thoughts on “Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor (Book 2)

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    Bel libro per gli appassionati del genere.Il confezionamento non ottimo mi arrivato con una piccola piega, cosa che io detesto.

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    The second book of the Magnus Chase series did not disappoint It s another page turner with the perfect balance of irony and suspense, and with an amazing ending I can t wait for book three to be published

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    Exactly what I expected from this book Fun, ironic, with new interesting characters and the usual amount of fight A must read for Riordan s fans.

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    Rick Riordan is very good at using his Power as an Author to put focus on topics People want to ignore.SPOILER ALERT In his last series, we learned that Nico di Angelo is gay, and in The trials of Apollo, Nico and Apollo s son, Will

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    Funny and I love it Riordan gives his audience or better his readers what they want Tempo, wit and EDUCATION I will definitely not visit Boston any Visiting to death I would definitely love to stay one night at Hotel Valhalla , though.FOUR st

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    Again a good read and with plenty of humour The episodic development was like the first book but Magnus is becoming savvy He does note that he will stay the same age as he was when he died Does the author really want him to stay 16

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    Waiting to long for this book Great price, brand new Daughter could not wait that long to read a book Great seller, great price.

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    A must for everyone who likes to read about the Norse Demigods Can t wait for the next installment to arrive.

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