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Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead (Book 3) In the conclusion to the trilogy, Magnus Chase Co are tasked with preventing Ragnarok To do this they must sail eastward, to the Old World if that sounds familiar then that is because we saw something similar in The Heroes of Olympus series Now Magnus, Samirah, Alex, Heath, Blitz and the rest of floor 19 sail to Norway to prevent Loki from launching the ship that will allow the forces of the dead and the Giants to begin Ragnarok They don t get too much help from the Gods because that would make it too easy and then the book would be depressingly short.Riordan s book is as humorous as always I think my favorite part was the way he described Aegir as a hipster interested in microbrews, stuck in the express line at a Whole Foods because he just wanted to buy his matcha smoothie but ahead of him were tons of individuals who did not respect the sanctity of the express lane As someone who has found himself in a similar situation at Whole Foods thought it was Maple Water for me , I found this hilarious In addition there are hilarious scenes involving giant metal ducks.The book is a great conclusion to the trilogy Though I wish this were a five parter and we had two books with these characters, Ah well, maybe they will appear in some future books as Annabeth and Percy have appeared here Here s hoping. Rick Riordan S Norse Hero Faces His Greatest Challenge Yet In The Final Instalment Of The SeriesLoki The Trickster God Is Free From His Chains Now He S Readying Naglfar, The Ship Of The Dead, Armed With A Host Of Giants And Zombies, To Sail Against The Norse Gods And Begin The Final Battle Of Ragnarok It S Up To Magnus Chase And His Friends To Stop Loki S Plans, But To Do So They Will Have To Sail Across The Oceans Of Midgard, Jotunheim And Niflheim In A Desperate Race To Reach Naglfar Before It S Ready To Sail On Midsummer S Day Along The Way, They Will Face Angry Sea Gods, Hostile Giants, And An Evil Fire Breathing Dragon Who Happens To Be A Former Acquaintance But Magnus S Biggest Challenge Will Be Facing His Own Inner Demons To Defeat Loki, Magnus Will Need To Use Words, Not Force This Will Require Finding A Magical Elixir So Deadly That It Will Either Make Magnus Chase Powerful Enough To Out Talk The Silver Tongued Loki, Or Destroy Magnus Utterly I listened for about 2 hours to the audio tape on a long car ride and was so bored, I turned it off and opted for music the last hour of my car trip Author s Percy Jackson series and follow up series were great, but you can tell what his political views are by reading this book and I just thought it wasn t necessary to include in a children s book If you believe gender is fluid, then it won t bother you, otherwise, it might just feel annoying and unnecessary. The Ship of the Dead was a great conclusion to the Magnus Chase series, however I did think it was the weakest entry of the three books The first 150 pages or so were just way to convenient and predictable to look pass for a higher rating This doesn t deter me though from saying this book was loads of fun and exciting After we got pass the speed bumps of the first 1 4 of the book, Ship of the Dead truly shined What Magnus Chase does best for me is how it develops its characters You really got a in depth look into all the characters with this final book Some then others yes but every character had a spotlight moment The plot ties up wonderfully but also leaves a door open to continue the series Rick Riordan never disappoints his readers and if he does choose to continue Magnus story best believe I will be along for the ride. I have been a fan of Rick Riordan for years and really wanted to like this series The first book was the best of the three, but even it was a disappointment compared to his other series.This last book was too much vague rambling with a poor plot One reviewer said the Alex and Magnus ending was a shocker Really Riordan only beleaguered Alex s character for two books and had the worst non subtle foreshadowing I ve read in a while If you want to politicize a children s book, go for it At least don t let your writing suffer because of it Pages and pages of explaining gender fluid over and over again.If you are looking for a book with a haphazard story line and political statements than substance, this is the book for you If you are hoping for something akin to Percy Jackson or the Kane Chronicles, keep looking elsewhere Writing should get better with experience, not worse. This cover is gorgeous I got my copy of the book delivered yesterday, on release day, and I cannot get over it SO PRETTY.Now, onto the book I love these characters I want them all as my friends Just like I did with Percy and Carter and Sadie and Apollo So basically, everyone is awesome Happy sigh.The actual story awesome I mean, duh Gotta say, the Greek gods are MUCH better at rewarding heroes, but what Magnus ended up doing was super cool and I LOVE it Speaking of loveMalex forever Page 262 Crazy smile.Okay, so speaking of crazy smiles, that s all I had on my face these past two days I read some of this book at school, so hopefully I didn t look too weird The Ship of the Dead was super cool Magnus and his friends had to do a bunch of impossible stuff and other kickass things As always, the various Norse gods, jotun, elves, etc were present Good stuff It made for some humorous and deadly luckily not to Magnus or his friends scenes.This book revealed a lot of backstory on the einherjar Mallory, Halfborn, T.J It was heartbreaking, and interesting, and funny I liked this a lot.Oh, and WE SAW PERCY BADABADABADA Ahem Anyway, something is happening down in New York At least according to Annabeth at the end of the book Also, Percy was there, like I said He has a little sister, Estelle Blofis Happy sigh Squeal Other noises that occur when Percy Jackson appears and is his beautiful self.So yeah 5 stars. Un bellissimo libro,come ogni altro libro di Rick Riodan.Mi piace molto la serie Magnus Chase come mi sono piaciute le altre.Ve lo consiglio I really enjoyed reading this book I ve read all of Riordans books from Percy Jackson to the Kane Chronicals and I still love his story s I hope you will like this book

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