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Manfred the Baddie Kidnapping inventors, stealing from art museums, conducting acts of piracy on the high seas Will Manfred ever learn his lesson He is even nasty to his own henchmen John Fardell s inventive story and richly detailed artwork combine to make an exciting, hilarious book that children will want to read time and time again

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  • Manfred the Baddie
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  • 05 January 2019
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About the Author: John Fardell

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Manfred the Baddie book, this is one of the most wanted John Fardell author readers around the world.

15 thoughts on “Manfred the Baddie

  1. Ian Thumwood Ian Thumwood says:

    I bought this for my 3 year old nephew and probably enjoyed it as much myself As a fan of Viz comic many years ago, it was brilliant to discover that one of the cartoonists had produced a series of three children s books The style of illustration will be immediately recognisable and whilst the narrative is obviously aimed at kids, something of the naughtiness of Viz is retained in both writing and pictures.Of the three books, I think that character of Manfred is John Fardell s finest creation The criminal deeds he gets up to are really amusing and the contraptions used to pursue his policy of evil are wonderul, Heath Robinson style machines Elsehwere, there are amusing references to several famous paintings such as Munchs The scream and the Mona Lisa which are typical of Fardell s excellent illustrations which yield upon closer inspection There is certainly an element of James Bond villain about Manfred but he gets his just desserts when he gets a cold which keeps him in bed and no one wants to help him Like all good children s books, this prompts a sea change and after receiving his medicine, he becomes Manfred the Goody and embarks on some philanthropic activities I love the way that Fardell stresses this change with Manfred s new attire That really made me smile Of course, being a John Fardell book, the ending does have an amusing naughty twist which is the icing on the cake in another brilliant book by this author There is nothing for adults to fear in any of his books but they are all the better for not being twee like so many kid s books For my money, Fardell is by far the best children s book writer around today and, as a bonus, he has remained true to his Viz roots with a sense of humour that will bring a wry smile to adults as well I like Jeremiah the jellyfish and the brilliant The day Louis got eaten too but Manfred is the mut s nuts as they might have said in Roger Mellie s prophanosaurus.

  2. toxicfish toxicfish says:

    Superb Loved Fardell s drawings in Viz modern parents, critics etc This was purchased as well as Jeremiah Jelly fish after receiving The Day Louis Got Eaten as a gift for a 3 year old and doesn t dissapoint Quite excellent inventive illustration Similar to Frank Quitely moving to graphic novels I feel Quality illustration The story is a tad didactic but still v good Would recomend to anybody of any age Only down side was the book is falling apart and is in what I would describe as v poor condition or what others may call well loved Still, readable and that s all that counts..

  3. LesleyP LesleyP says:

    We discovered John Fardell when we borrowed When Louis Got Eaten from the library What an amazing story with great illustrations So we had to buy our own copy of course I then wanted to see what his other titles were like and Manfred is equally fun He s rich and clever but uses his money for criminal pursuits and he s even nasty to his poor henchmen And then one day he realises it s better to use his money and power for good Just bad enough to be edgy and just safe enough to be enjoyed by young children My almost 4yr old son loves his books We re off to buy his next one now

  4. John John says:

    Great book, and this updated version has same text but pictures that are easier to see from a distance the relevant things in the pictures are larger than they were in an earlier edition

  5. S. Evans S. Evans says:

    Now in my seventies, my wife and I have raised a large family and the reading of bedtime stories has been a much loved ritual with all my beloved children, grandchildren ad now great grandchildren And this book is the best I have come across A lively story, beautifully illustrated, which can be read over and over again This book is a must for any parent who believes in the importance of reading good books to the young Well done, John Fardell.

  6. Michelle Michelle says:

    My 4 year old loves this book, so do I The illustrations are brilliantly intricate and funny, the story has a good, simple, amusing moral He ll love it for years to come.

  7. Customer Customer says:

    The pupils in my class adored this story and wanted to hear it again and again In fact, they chose to read it themselves during their breaks That says it all

  8. Jo Jo says:

    Like all of his books, great story and wonderful illustrations

  9. Roger Shenton Roger Shenton says:

    My grand daughter who is nearly three, has enjoyed having this book read to her, with characters and action n the pages

  10. Elizabeth Gallagher Elizabeth Gallagher says:

    This book is really really great the kids loved it.

  11. Customer Customer says:

    Beautiful illustrations and top story My children loved it

  12. S. J. Barnes S. J. Barnes says:

    LOVE THIS BOOK Funny, clear lesson and amazing inspiration for inventions of our own.

  13. Trish Knight Trish Knight says:

    grandchildren hired this book from local library they love it so much i decided to buy it for them

  14. Customer Customer says:

    John Fardell is the best contemporary children s writer illustrator there is You can t get tired of these stories Manfred the Baddie is the brilliantest baddie of all.

  15. Customer Customer says:

    A really engaging story with lots of elements to explore The boys especially loved it

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