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Mirror, Mirror: A Twisty Coming-of-Age Novel about Friendship and Betrayal from Cara Delevingne I bought this book because the description seemed interesting and also I love Cara for her personality I was blown away by how good this book actually was To be completely honest, I was not expecting such great writing style and such interesting story It kept me on the edge of my seat, starting page one.Not to spoil the story I will contain myself from talking about plot, however, it was very VERY good I couldn t guess how the book will end, but maybe it was just me I loved the characters and their development, the detective like side of plot, but also the love interests My favorite characters were Rose and Leo due to their backstories and behavior, also how much they grew over the course of book So raw and interesting.For those, who are still wondering, whether you should try the book or not, I can definitely say, go for it It was way better than I expected, the characters are great and interesting, the plot is shocking yet captivating and the writing is so good Can t wait for Cara to release new books in future, this one was awesome I was pleasantly surprised It quickly engrossed me and I found myself wondering about the characters when doing other things.I thought the character development was great and there are so many themes that everyone is going to take something different away from it.Quick read because you can t put it down Would love to see what s in store for the characters.Cara did fantastic in telling her idea and the common theme she wants everyone to know. I liked being on the inside track of a rock band and Red s thought process in regard to her family and friends was stellar This book hooked me quickly and I would definitely read it again. What a great book I loved this book so much the characters are all so relatable and I wish and hope there is a sequel to this book Loved it so much, I recommend it to my friends. From International Supermodel And Actress Cara Delevingne Comes A Powerful Debut Novel About Friendship, Identity And The Fact That Appearances Can Be Deceiving Impressive, With An Absolute Knockout Twist Cosmopolitan A Riveting Page Turner Of A Thrillera Book With Dark Passion And Heart The Herald May Well Become The Most Influentialthing Delevingne Has Ever Done The Edit With Dark Twists And Turns, This Is A Great Read Closer Smart, Twisty, Poignant And Engaging Heat A Fizzing Coming Of Age Tale With Dark Themes Glamour Captures The Rhythms And Textures Of Teenage Lives Metro Bold, Brave And Fierce Delevingne S Ability To Empathise With Some Of The Deeper Struggles Youngsters Face Is Impressive Independent A Great Read Bella Delevingne Taps With Directness Into The Emotional And Physical Vulnerability Of A Generation Brought Up On Social Media I Couldn T Help But Be Pulled In By The Off Kilter Energy Of The Writing Metro FRIEND LOVER VICTIM TRAITOR WHEN YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR, WHAT DO YOU SEE Sixteen Year Old Friends Red, Leo, Rose, And Naomi Are Misfits Still Figuring Out Who They Are And Who They Want To Be Life Isn T Perfect, But Music Unites Them, And They Re Excited About What The Future Holds For Their Band, Mirror, Mirror That Is Until Naomi Vanishes Before Being Pulled Unconscious Out Of The RiverShe S Left Fighting For Her Life In A Coma The Police Claim It Was A Failed Suicide Attempt, But Her Friends Aren T Convinced Will Naomi Ever Wake What Or Perhaps Who Led Her To That Hospital Bed How Did Her Friends Fail To Spot The Warning Signs While Rose Turns To Wild Partying And Leo Is Shrouded By Black Moods, Red Sets Out To Uncover The Truth It S A Journey That Will Cause Red S World To Crack, Exposing The Group S Darkest Secrets Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again, Because Once A Mirror Is Shattered, It Can T Be Fixed Cara Delevingne, The Voice Of Her Generation, Explores Identity, Friendship And Betrayal In This Gripping And Powerful Coming Of Age Story For Fans Of WE WERE LIARS, THIRTEEN REASONS WHY And THE GIRLS What Readers Have To Say About Mirror Mirror Super Twisty Read This In One Night Loved This Read The Whole Thing In One DayLoved This Book Such A Gripping Read With An Amazing Twist I Did Not See Coming

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