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Money Matters Workbook for Teens (ages 15-18) Why learn to manage my money I m just a teenager I don t have much of it anywaySounds reasonable, but it s not Think about this The average American teenager spends , per year At the end of high school, that means you ll have spent , Do you know where you re spending it While , per year is most likely a lot less than your parents spend, you should still be able to Pay fair prices for quality items Avoid being ripped off by misleading ads and salespeople Stay out of debt Save up for a car, college, or your own business Give money that will make a difference in the world Have money to do fun things with your friendsLarry Burkett and Todd Temple will show you how to take back the control of your money You ll learn skills that will help you right now and prepare you for a successful financial future Imagine what can happen when, as a teenager, you begin spending your money wisely

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About the Author: Larry Burkett

Larry Burkett 1939 2003, Biographical InformationWidely Known For His Economic WarningsIn The Coming Economic Earthquake Moody Press, Chicago, I11 1991 , Burkett delineated growing federal deficits and the ever increasing use of debt by business and households out of control Burkett points out those severe economic times will appear sometime shortly after the millennium unless current polices are changed Burkett believed that Keynesian economic policies, with ideals for continuing federal deficits and the implicit preference for higher levels of credit and consumption, reduced saving, and a larger role for government in the economy are a means to disaster As Burkett states in the book that as interest on the debt consumes a larger and larger portion of the yearly federal budget, andmoney is borrowed each year to pay the interest on what was borrowed in previous years, there will be a temptation to monetize the debt at an increasing rate leading to a calamity not seen since the Great Depression Burkett questioned whether or not elected leaders would take action in time to prevent fiscal chaos, and believed they would not Larry gave no time line for this prediction, other than a forewarning, foreshadowing current events of the time, with a little common sense added for good measure.Early YearsLarry Burkett March 3rd, 1939 July 4th, 2003 was an American author and leading Christian radio personality whose work focused on financial counseling from a Christian point of view Larry was born in Winter Park, Florida on March 3, 1939, the fifth of eight children After completing high school in Winter Garden, Florida, he entered the U.S Air Force where he served with the Strategic Air Command Upon completion of his military duties, he and his wife Judy returned to central Florida, where he worked in the space program at Cape Canaveral, Florida He spent the next several years at the space center NASA in charge of an experiments test facility that served the Mercury , Gemini , and Apollo manned space programs While working at the space center, Larry earned degrees in marketing and finance at Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida Larry left the space center in 1970 to become Vice President of an electronics manufacturing firm.A Turning PointIn 1972 Larry put his trust and faith in Jesus Christ to guide his life, through the influence of his wife Judy and persistence of Dr Peter Lord, Titusville, Florida an event that had a profound effect In 1973 he left the electronics company to join the staff of a nonprofit ministry, Campus Crusade for Christ at the request of Dr Bill Bright, as a financial counselor It was during this time that he began an intense study of what the Bible says about handling money, and he started teaching small groups around the country.Ministry Is FormedIn 1976 Larry Burkett left the campus ministry to form Christian Financial Concepts, a 501C 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching the biblical principles of handling money CFC was used as a vehicle to produce audio, video and written Work s for helping individuals, the local Church and main line Denominations World wide disseminate God s word with regard to Stewardship principles In May of 1996, Southwest Baptist University conferred on Larry an Honorary Doctorate in Economics.Radio BroadcastingIn 1979 Larry became a frequent radio guest of Dr Jim Dobson founder of Focus On the Family with a widely listened to syndicated radio program This exposure lead Moody Bible Institute Broadcasting division, Chicago, Illinois to help host, than start Larry s own radio ministry Larry was a long time host of the four radio programs, Money Matters, How to Manage Your Money, MoneyWatch, and A Money Minute, which were carried onthan 1,100 radio outlets worldwide Larry s PublicationsLarry publishedthan 70 books, sales of which now exceed 12 million copies and include several national best sellers Publications by Larry include What Ever Happened to the American Dream, The Coming Economic Earthquake, Your Finances in Changing Times, Business by the Book, The Financial Planning Workbook, Women Leaving the Workplace, Investing for the Future, Debt Free Living, Great Is Thy Faithfulness, Hope When It Hurts, Nothing to Fear, in which he gave an update on his experiences with cancer and cancer treatments Larry also wrote four novels The Illuminati, The THOR Conspiracy, Solar Flare, and Kingdom Come with T Davis Bunn Larry s final book before his death was The Burkett Blue Definitive Guide to Securing Wealth to Last, and was written with Ron Blue and Jeremy L White Larry also encouraged his eldest son, Larry Allen Burkett, Jr as an author to write and produce thirty two stewardship books and material penned under Larry s name These Work s were for children, teen and parents under the banner Larry Burkett s Money Matters for Kids, Money Matters for Teens, Larry Burkett s Stewardship for the Family Time, Talents Treasures Some publications by Allen under Larry s name are Financial Parenting, What If I Owned Everything , Money Planner for Kids, 50 Money Making Ideas for Kids, Teaching Your Child About Money Matters, Me Wonderfully Made, All About Money, Talent and Time Series, How Things Work Series, Pocket Change Series, Great Smoky Mountains Storybook Series, World s Easiest Pocket Guide Series,His LegacyLarry s memory is held dear by all those whose lives he touched his family, his friends, and his ministry partners He lived a life of Christian kindness and genuine humility He was always extraordinarily generous One of the central principles Larry taught is that we don t really own things we are simply stewards and managers of what God has entrusted to us In Larry s case, that included the ministry he founded.Larry Burkett dedicated his life to teaching people biblical financial principles He poured his life into serving the Lord through this ministry He loved the ministry, he loved his staff which he believed was an extenuation of his own family Caring for family first was foremost to laying a rock solid foundation to ensuing a genuine love for the people who looked to the ministry for help in their time of need Larry s compassion was so evident His Radio Listeners could not see him, but could feel, his concern and even his tears for them.Prior to his death, Larry founded the Larry Burkett Foundation The Larry Burkett Foundation accepts donations to help needy individuals through and promoting organizations such as The National Christian Foundation, Atlanta, Georgia and Helping Hands Ministries, Inc, Tallulah Falls, Georgia, Please send your tax exempt donation to Larry Burkett Foundation 1330 Old Woodbine Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30319 1040

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