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Murder Most Unladylike: A Murder Most Unladylike Mystery I ve found myself a new favourite series, and it s got everything I love complex female protagonists, murder mysteries, intrigue at an English boarding school, a range of colourful supporting characters, and genuine insight into human nature.Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are two students at Deepdean School for Girls, a prestigious boarding school in the 1930s Whereas Daisy is the perfect English rose, with fair hair and an intellect so powerful that she hides it from her teachers, Hazel is a sensitive soul still trying to acclimatize to the strange English customs that surround her Originally from Hong Kong, Hazel has an Anglophile father who is expecting her to do well in this foreign country, and she s determined not to disappoint.Told in first person narrative by Hazel, there s plenty of amusement to be had from her confusion at her new country the English pretence at austerity for example, or her horror during her introduction to hockey but what the story is really about is what happens after she discovers the dead body of the Science Mistress in the gym.Five minutes later, when Hazel returns with Daisy, the body has disappeared The school Headmistress simply announces that Miss Bell has left her position, which means our amateur detectives not only have to solve a murder, but prove that it happened in the first place.Despite Daisy s overactive imagination, the two manage to proceed by writing out a list of suspects and working to eliminate each one Hazel is the Watson to Daisy s Holmes, but like her literary counterpart, often feels overwhelmed by her partner s tenacity Still, the two make a great team, each filling in for the other s weaknesses and oversights.Hazel s narrative is one of the most engaging fictional voices I ve read in a long time we ve all been a little smothered by a vivacious friend at one point or another, and this mystery is just as much about Hazel finding her own inner voice as it is solving the crime She and Daisy aren t straightforward besties , for as Hazel s recorded memories attest, there is complexity and a degree of tension to the friendship that gets worked through as the chapters progress.So Robin Stevens hasn t just written a mystery, but a rather touching story about a young girl trying to figure out her identity in a foreign land, as well as in relation to a louder, confident friend And by the looks of things, there are plenty Hazel and Daisy mysteries to come When Daisy Wells And Hazel Wong Set Up Their Very Own Secret Detective Agency At Deepdean School For Girls, They Struggle To Find Any Truly Exciting Mysteries To Investigate Unless You Count The Case Of Lavinia S Missing Tie Which They Don T Then Hazel Discovers The Science Mistress, Miss Bell, Lying Dead In The Gym She Assumes It Was A Terrible Accident But When She And Daisy Return Five Minutes Later, The Body Has Disappeared Now Hazel And Daisy Not Only Have A Murder To Solve They Have To Prove One Happened In The First Place Determined To Get To The Bottom Of The Crime Before The Killer Strikes Again And Before The Police Can Get There First, Naturally , Hazel And Daisy Must Hunt For Evidence, Spy On Their Suspects And Use All The Cunning And Intuition They Can Muster But Will They Succeed And Can Their Friendship Stand The Test First, some housekeeping The Wells are American reissues of the books in the recent British series titled The Murder Most Unladylike Mysteries The reissues are published by Simon Murder Is Bad Manners is the same book as the first book in the British series, which was titled Murder Most Unladylike Books from both series are available for sale on either or.co.uk So, to avoid buying the same book twice, check publishers and book descriptions.I emphasized the above because I hate it when publishers change titles and make it a chore to collect a complete yet unduplicated set of a favorite series Moreover, the first Wells friendship as such , makes sense, and is much nuanced than seems usual for a book like this Of course there is some action and some suspense and a bit of danger, but the story always comes back to and revolves around these two interesting characters how they cooperate, how they react to each other, how they react to events, even how they deal with the world That s what distinguished this book for me, and that might appeal to others as well. I have a certain spot in my heart for a MG murder mysteries There isn t anything quite like smart, curious kids trying to solve Agatha Christie style case Pretty much any book that mentions this type of synopsis will get my attention I m happy to say that new series first published in England from author Robin Stevens is a pleasure to dive into and will deliver on all fronts if you re a fan of the genre I read the book in one sitting, and setting of a Deepdean School for Girls is a perfect fit for Wells and Wong first case There is a certain English charm and sort of Victorian style to the story I absolutely loved the fact the our main heroines are not yet another carbon copies of Nancy Drew I love Nancy very much , but rather interesting evolving personalities, whose friendship is just as big part of the story as the mystery itself I d like to say ,however, that while mystery and adventures that girls went through are very exciting and executed top notch, it is the girls, or rather Daisy that led me to a 4 star rating instead of 5 Unfortunately, while Daisy s character indeed goes through changes and ultimate redemption I m afraid I never quite warmed up to her It is important for me as a very character driven person to be able to relate or understand main protagonists from which point of view I m reading a book but Daisy happened to not be someone I would endlessly cheer for.Other then this nitpick of mine, I liked the book very much and am looking forward to reading the other two books in the series Also, as a side note, the books are being reprinted in USA with a different covers, and the American version of Murder Most Unladylike is called Murder is Bad Manners it is THE SAME book Be aware of this name mix up and Happy Reading Kid is Happy, I am good

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Murder Most Unladylike: A Murder Most Unladylike Mystery book, this is one of the most wanted Robin Stevens author readers around the world.

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