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Mushroom in the Rain Caught Out In The Rain, An Ant Takes Shelter Under A Very Tiny Mushroom Soon, A Wet Butterfly, Then A Drenched Mouse, A Dripping Sparrow, And Even A Rain Soaked Rabbit Each Beg To Join Him Under His Miniature Umbrella How Can The Ant Let The Others In When There Is Barely Room Enough For One But As The Rain Comes Down And Down, They All Somehow Manage To Squeeze Together And Share The Tiny Shelter And When The Sun Finally Comes Out, The Ant Discovers A Magical Secret Of Just What Happens To Mushrooms In The Rain

5 thoughts on “Mushroom in the Rain

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    Bray gift

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    This is a lovely story about sharing My children are teenagers now, but I bought it so we would have it around when cousins come to visit I just love this story

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    My 3 year old loves this book He got really into all things mushrooms over the summer so we decided to get him this for his birthday Big hit

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    I remember reading this book as a little girl but I could remember the name all I could think of was Rain and Mushroom Thank goodness for the simple title.I really love the story about the growing mushroom and all the animals taking cover under it from the rain.

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    Good story line.

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