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My Daddy is an Air Traffic Controller Join Nolan And His Class As They Explore The Exciting And Mysterious World Of Air Traffic Control Treat Yourself With Your Early Elementary Student To A Colorful Book About What Happens On The Other Side Of The Radio

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    Although targeted to children, this book can be useful also as a base to explain this job to your adult friends without overcomplicating things.

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    My husband has been an air traffic controller for nearly 14 years and he has worked in several different facilities in the US and abroad Air traffic is one of those behind the scenes kind of professions one which most people know very little about When people ask what my husband does for a living and we tell them he s an air traffic controller, we get all kinds of reactions rangin

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    This book is a great little story that is very appropriate for preschool through early elementary aged children I work in a physician office where we have a lot of young children and bought a few copies to add to the books we keep in exam rooms as well as the waiting area I ve watched the children gravitate to the book with it s well done front cover and then sit and enjoy the book as t

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    This book provides a nice explanation of the little known world of air traffic controllers in a format that the 3 8 year old aged kids will enjoy and understand It also provides a few funny moments for parents too This has become one of my niece s favorite books to read before bedtime as her mother is works at an airport Overall, this is great book that demonstrates how the airports actually

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    Most people should at least have the basic understanding of the different types of air traffic controllers This book does just that Even covers how air traffic controllers are not airport ground marshall s, hilarious Very clever and nicely done.

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    Sorta boring to read but nicely accurate

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