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My Truck Is Stuck One of his favorite reads I like the sing song rhyme of this book I think the illustrations are the best part, though The ONLY thing I don t like is that they call a truck a van My son likes to identify every vehicle he sees and that ended up confusing him it was clearly a truck. When A Dump Truck Haulin A Great Big Load Gets Stuck In The Mud, Progressively Larger Vehicles Try To Pull It Out, In A Lyrical Board Book Where Future Truck Drivers Are Introduced To The Ins And Outs Of Hauling, Beeping, And Repairing This book is so wonderful My 2.5 year old son requests for this book nightly and then asks for me to read it again Not only does the story and the words flow really well but the pictures it self tells than the storyline My sons favorite part is pointing out that all the bones were stolen by the gophers throughout the book I would highly recommend this book for any truck lovers. Great book 2 year old approved. My Grandson has a little library of his own and this is one of the books he chooses over and over again to be read to him When I first read it, I wasn t sure if I like the story line as it depends on luck and I am not a believer in luck but once Grandma got past that little concern all was good to go I just by pass the luck reference and he doesn t know any different He gets so excited when I read this book to him, we have lots of fun together reading it I would recommend it and if you too, like me are not a believer in luck you will need to make the decision if this would be suitable for your purchase I enjoy reading this book so much to himwe have had so much fun together reading it, he never gets bored with it nor do I Nicely made and good price Great ServiceThank you.

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