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Never Say Die Alex Rider Will Soon Be A Star In His Very Own TV Series The Worlds Greatest Teen Spy Is Back In Action In A Thrilling New Mission Destroy Once And For All The Terrorist Organization SCORPIA Americans May Have Purchased Than Million Copies Of Alex S Adventures, But Now, Than Ever, We All Need His HeroicsFollowing The Events Of Scorpia Rising, Alex Relocates To San Francisco As He Slowly Recovers From The Tragic Death Of His Best Friend And Caregiver, Jack Starbright, At The Hands Of Terrorists Working For SCORPIA With Jack Gone, Alex Feels Lost And Alone, But Then, Out Of The Blue, He Receives A Cryptic Email Just Three Words Long, But Enough To Make Alex Believe That Jack May Be Alive Armed With This Shred Of Hope, Alex Boards A Flight Bound For Egypt And Embarks On A Dubious Quest To Track Jack DownYet SCORPIA Knows Alex S Weakness And The Question Of Whether Jack Is Alive Soon Takes A Backseat To A Chilling New Terrorist Plot One That Willplay With Alexs Mind As He Grasps The Magnitude Of What Is At StakeFrom Egypt To France To Wales, From Luxury Yachts To Abandoned Coal Mines, Alex Traverses A Minefield Of Dangers And Cryptic Clues As He Fights To Discover The TruthThe New York Times Bestselling Series, Perfect For Fans Of James Bond And Jason Bourne, Is Back With A Vengeance Praise For Never Say Die Once Again Amid Races, Chases, Hails Of Bullets, And Increasingly Spectacular Explosions, The Teenage James Bond Pulls Off One Awesome Feat Of Derring Do After Another This Fresh Caper Roars Along To A Naturally Explosive Climax Booklist In His Usual Breakneck Fashion, Horowitz Whisks Alex From One Improbable Situation To Another This Installment Is Sure To Please Alex S Legions Of Fans Kirkus Reviews

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    I ve been reading Anthony Horowitz s Alex Rider series since it first came out The books never disappoint The audio version is always great fun This book was no exception My only gripe is that it s been so long, so very long, since the last book The book picks up right where the last one ended

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    Such a disappointment Major breach of continuity in terms of the cultural spirit, character, feel of the series If I d known Horowitz was going to turn over a new leaf in such a bad way, I wouldn t have bothered to read it It just doesn t have the same suspense, excitement, creativity, compulsively read

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    A great novel yet again from Anthony Horowitz The Alex Rider Wolf Fox Daniels that any Alex Rider fan would spot I expect this will be put right on the second edition.I couldn t help but compare this to Scorpia Rising That novel was fantastic we saw the dark side of Alex Rider and there was a lot of emotion in th

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    Okay, I must admit that I promised myself I would never read this, as Scorpia Rising was such a great final installment to the Alex Rider series, but I couldn t contain my curiosity and decided to buy it on my iPad But the question still remains is Never Say Die any good And the answer is, yes, yes it is Despite being the

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    I can t explain The book was just so good Who knew that Alex was going to be on a flying bus, going to this broken down abandoned mine Also, for the Nightshade, I can t wait for that It ll be like Scorpia all over again.Pop Quiz1 Which brother died first A The Brother that has a G for a first oneB The other brother Sorry Don t rmemb

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