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Oath of Deception: Reign of Secrets, Book 4 (English Edition) This was a fast paced and interesting read I enjoyed it You just have to look past some things that seem silly, like sending 16 year olds out as spies If you can suspend common sense over those things, it s a great book It was interesting to see Savenek s life. For Savenek, There Is No Greater Honor Than Protecting Emperion While Other Young Men His Age Study A Trade, He Attends A Secret, Elite Military Academy Where He Has Been Honed Into A Lethal Asset For His Kingdom He Can Gather Information Without Detection And Kill From The Shadows Saveneks Own Father Is The Schoolmaster, And He Forces Savenek To Train Harder Than Any Other Student As Graduation Draws Near, Savenek Eagerly Awaits The Vows Inducting Him Into The Brotherhood Of The CrownWhen A Messenger Arrives With News Of War Brewing On The Horizon, The Brotherhood Is Called Into Action Eager To Prove Himself, Savenek Goes On His First Mission Alone He Doesnt Expect To Uncover A Treacherous Plot To Destroy Emperion He Doesnt Expect To Join Forces With Someone Outside The Brotherhood, Let Alone A Woman He Certainly Doesnt Expect To FailBut Then Again, His Father Taught Him Nothing Ever Goes As PlannedPolitical Intrigue Clashes With Romance In This Thrilling Story That Continues The Reign Of Secrets Saga The only thing keeping this book from being five star is the period correctness of some verbiage and a few parts that didn t quite make sense Honestly most people probably wouldn t even be bothered by it I love the storyline and the characters and will continue to buy all the forthcoming books, so please don t let the little minor discrepancies stop you This series is definitely worth reading Protagonist Savenek, has trained since he was seven years old to join The Brotherhood of the Crown, a secret spy network that dedicates themselves to protecting Emperion, no matter what Ven is set to take his vows and become a full fledged brother, but first, he is sent on a dangerous mission alone to a neighboring kingdom, or at least alone in the sense that another member of the Brotherhood will not be with him, instead he finds himself in the company of Ari, a whip smart girl who may just be too much for Ven to handle, and who may be harboring secrets of her own Together they venture into the neighboring kingdom of Apethaga in order to secure a weapons deal and snoop around for any pertinent information I love Ven so much, he s a bit of an incorrigible flirt, using his charm to get him out of a few sticky situations, he s confident and while he can slip up from time to time, he s a capable spy and assassin, his development is mostly internal as he needs to learn to work with somebody rather than alone, and he has a hard time getting close to people, which with his line of work makes a lot of sense.Romance The romance in this story starts off a bit combative, though nothing close to a hate to love relationship While Ven has had some experience with women, in fact, he has a kind of, sort of, girlfriend back home, but from the moment he meets Ari, not only does she challenge him, but she s plenty capable at taking care of herself I really loved the balance between these two characters, how even though they didn t get off on the best foot, they still find a way to work together without either being held back due to the other I don t know if I can put it in any better terms than that they just fit together I do wish that Savenek wasn t held back by his feelings for another girl towards the beginning, but I do understand and appreciate why it s there.World Building So, I didn t expect to go as far back in time as we do in this installment I knew that we would skip back quite a bit to learn about Savenek s life prior to Cage of Darkness, and to see another aspect of the war with Russek, an aspect that I have to say was absolutely fantastic, but I didn t quite account for how early in the timeline it would take place In this story, we see kingdoms on the mainland and learn about how some of these kingdoms approached the upcoming war between Russek and Emperion This story is about our heroes going into a foreign kingdom, where they are almost completely at the mercy of their hosts, and finding the information they need before escaping, which is pretty much easier said than done The author does a phenomenal job of expanding the story of this series to see the broader scope of this war and see how those on the sidelines reacted to what was brewing It s almost impossible not to get sucked into this world as nearly every facet of this world is brilliantly detailed,Predictability Given that I ve read the rest of the Reign of Secrets books, there wasn t all that much about this story that I found unpredictable, at least when it came to larger issues in the story There were a few moments here and there where I would be surprised by what was going on, and even though I knew or less how things would turn out, that didn t stop the tension from rising in certain scenes, especially certain scenes toward the end In the end, I do have to say I was a bit bummed by the fact that there weren t any huge twists, though I m hoping that with the biggest stuff out of the way things will get a lot mysterious for the next installment.Ending As this story came crashing to a close there were so many intense scenes with barely a breather in between, once the ending starts it really doesn t stop I freaking loved every minute of this story as it winds to a close and some pretty kick ass scenes After all of the excitement is over there is a pretty sizable cooldown period where lingering questions from this story were or less tied up for now, all leading to yet another cliffhanger from this author, a cliffhanger by the way, that I know or less how it pans out, yet I m still chomping at the bit to see what happens next.Rating It s not really much of a surprise that I gave this book 5 stars, I mean it did take a second to adjust to the shift in narrators and the fact that this doesn t start where Book 3 ends, but after that I just got sucked in and could hardly put the book down This book didn t quite live up to the bar set by all the other books in the series I know that I am considerably older than the target audience teens , but the plot was not even remotely believable In all the other books you do just have to roll with how accomplished the characters are despite their young age, but in this book it felt forced I could never quite get passed how implausible the mission seemed The main characters are supposed to be very clever, but they never struck me that way based on their actions.

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