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Paranormal Misfits Box Set Books 1-4: Allies Of The Fae Realm Fated Mates Romance (English Edition) It S Not Every Day Your Fated Mate Targets You For AssassinationA Lonely Foster Teen Meets A Fae Warrior On AssignmentCrysta Is Freakishly Different, Never Quite Fitting In With Her Various Foster Families Her Shocking Looks And Creepy Powers Scare Off Potential Friends, And Her Otherworldly Presence Tends To Attract Unwelcome And Dangerous Admirers Now That She Is Finally On Her Own, Her Plan Is To Focus On Dance, Trust Absolutely No One, And Avoid The Rest Of HumanityHer Plans Are Shattered When A Handsome Man Breaks Into Her Apartment And Declares Hes There To Kill Her But Crysta Isnt Afraid She Ll Lose Her LifeShes Far Terrified Shell Lose Her HeartAs A Highly Skilled Assassin And Future Heir To The Seelie Throne, Prince Jareth Carries The Weight Of The Fae Realm On His Shoulders When Hes Given The Assignment To Take Out One Of The Biggest Threats The Seelie Court Has Ever Known, Hes Not Expecting Said Threat To Come In The Form Of A Petite Teenager Who Can Barely Afford To Feed Her Cat Let Alone Mastermind The Destruction Of An Entire World Hes Duty Bound To See This Assignment Through, Until He Realizes Hes Been Sent To Kill His Fated MateHe Must Follow Through With His Assignment Or Risk The Wrath Of His Father, But Killing Crysta Means Losing The Most Precious Gift A Fae Warrior Could Ever Hope To ReceiveThe Love Of A Fated MatePerfect For Fans Of Sarah J Mass And Her Series A Court Of Thorns And Roses CJ Anaya Uses Her Entertaining Story To Address Issues Of Self Esteem Fine Writing With An Entertaining Story Supportive Of Real Life Differences Grady Harp, Hall Of Fame Top ReviewerMy Fair Assassin Is A Rare Gem In The Paranormal Romance Genre The Two Main Leads Are Both Enjoyable, The Writing Is Engaging, And The Alterations To Traditional Faerie Lore Lend Themselves To Some Fun And Creative World Building As Someone Who Was In High School When Twilight Was Getting Big, I Honestly Thought Id Seen It All When It Came To YA Paranormal Romance Im So Glad Anaya Proved Me Wrong Tay LaRoi, Author And Book BloggerParanormal Misfits Allies Of The Fae RealmMy Fair AssassinMy Fair TraitorMy Fair ImpostorMy Fair InvaderMy Fair Princess Coming August My Fair Queen Coming Spring The Healer SeriesThe HealerThe Black BlossomThe Grass Cutter SwordThe ProphecyGrab The Healer Series The Complete Box Set And Save On The Entire Series C.J Anaya s Paranormal Misfits is an incredibly fun series that is totally addictive It s addictive enough that saving s couple of dollars by buying the boxset of the first three books books Allies Of The Fae Realm just makes sense I loved these stories Here are my reviews of each My Fair AssassinA friend of mine and I had a discussion of favorite romance tropes the other day and one of the top choices was haters turned to lovers Well, My Fair Assassin is certainly taking that further since it s starting point is our hero coming to kill the heroine Can t really top that Add in great often amusing dialogue, wonderful action, excellent writing with a strong plot and great characters The result A clear winner.My Fair TraitorThis is a wonderful novel The two lead characters, already well developed in book 1, continue to grow The supporting cast both friend and foe though membership in these camps is subject to change is superb, the world building very original and simply too notch Once again CJ Anaya has given her readers a well written novel with a plot that many layered and full of unanticipated twists and turns The only real downside is that there s a cliffhanger I hate cliffhangers If they don t bother you then a 5th star may make sense If you find them abhorrent then subtract a star Personally, as much as I dislike them, this book was too good to penalize over the cliffhanger Highly recommended.My Fair ImposterOk, the bad news and the good The bad news is that things have become so complex at this point that even thinking of summarizing it for a review is exhausting so it s a relief that the kindle blurb does a decent job doing so The good news is that everything works, makes perfect sense despite the plot with its myriad twists and turns, murderers and politics and is great fun at the same time Highly recommended. The story is good, the characters interesting I appreciate the author including a flawed heroine who had abuse in the past The one thing I do not appreciate is the author not bringing each book in the series to a satisfying conclusion She drops the story mid action a ploy to get the reader to buy the next book I would be inclined to continue reading if the book had a true beginning, middle, and end I looked at book four and saw from a few reviews that the author continues doing this in book four, so I will not be purchasing Had the author not done this, I would have purchased the book and given this book a four or five star rating. MY FAIR ASSASSIN 4 I enjoyed this Paranormal Fae novella, and was surprised by it Not that I was surprised by the writing from the author, I have loved everything I ve read by her But I ve seen this book for quite a while on or on the author s Goodreads page when looking at her books I just wasn t sure what to think I enjoy fantasy and magic and the Fae realm but I finally picked it up as I am getting ready to read an ARC of the 2nd book in the series to review I didn t want to be in the dark on what is happening.I actually thought it would start at a different point in Crysta s story than it did but from the first couple paragraphs I was hooked As readers, we re introduced to the two main characters, Crysta and Jareth anyone else instantly think Labyrinth like me right away Sometimes it takes reading several pages into a story to get the feel for the characters For me I instantly liked them, especially Crysta, and I felt that opening was a great foundation for their development individually and as a couple.There s a mystery surrounding Crysta and she has struggled her whole life to fit in I really liked her character s personality You get a pretty good understanding of what her life was like growing up in the first little bit of this novella and let s just say it wasn t pretty or easy but very lonely Yet I loved the resilience of her character and her ability to adapt and find something she loved and aim for achieving it regardless of the struggles.Jareth has some mystery surrounding him which is all revealed in time and I m not going to say anything about that, I ll let you enjoy the unraveling of that mystery as you read I will say that the sparks and chemistry between him and Crysta creates pure fireworks Danger, mystery, hidden identity, assassins, knock you to your socks reveals at least for Crysta , sparks, great wit, strength, Ihop let you figure that one out too , white, infinity, ballet, stalkers, and so much inside this little novella.Content a couple mild swear words scattered throughout, talk about stalkers, reference to some attacks sexual and nonsexual but nothing explained or graphic you just know that they almost happened A couple mild innuendos Overall I would say it s a clean read and would recommend for older YA readers MY FAIR TRAITOR 5 Have you read My Fair Assassin yet Oh my, go do so, just so you can read this book Ok to be fair no pun intended , My Fair Assassin was a great book, but it was a beginning for these characters and creating and building this fae world And let me tell you C.J Anaya can definitely build some amazing worlds And on the plus sideMy Fair Assassin is just a short novella that won t take you very long to read, My Fair Traitor on the other hand is a good length novel that will have you turning pages trying to figure out how Crysta and Jareth are going to survive all the turmoil that s going on around them.Traitor picks up right where Assassin finishes and we have Jareth trying to train Crysta so that she will be ready to enter the Fae world We know from Assassin that Crysta is considered a threat to the Fae realm and has many assassins after her They are constantly showing up throughout this book and causing a delay to Crysta in her search to discover about her parents and how to learn about her kingdom so she can protect it.and most importantly how she and Jareth can overcome the major obstacle keeping them apart.There s some pretty shocking information given at the beginning of this book but unfortunately if C J Crysta and Jareth because for the most part they re linked and not separated and probably won t be in my review either lol reveal this info to anyone then there are some serious repercussions in store.I love all the new characters that are showing up in this bookok, maybe not all the new characters There are definitely some pretty crazy ones to watch out for But the allies that C J come across are pretty endearing in my mind There s the scary ones that turn out to be good, there s smooth characters that you are cheering for that go crazy, there s smooth characters that you think are good and end up totally contradicting your belief of them Wowsers But I will say I did have my suspicions about one character and whether they were really good or just trying to cause trouble for C J.I have another suspicion about Crysta s character and origins and I m pretty sure I m right about it The signs are all there but I think it ll probably be a big reveal in the beginning to middle of book 3 When you read this see if you can figure it out and if you re right Can t wait for that reveal because that ll explain a lot I know I m not being helpful in giving any pertinent information for you readers looking for spoilers, but I just don t like spoiling the journey of reading a book When I read I love to assimilate every little detail into the big puzzle I don t like getting information before I should because then my mind can t run through all the different scenarios in trying to figure out what s coming That s all part of the joy of reading, in my opinion.The Fae world is pretty amazing You don t get to explore it too much as a reader but the different makeup of the world, creatures, species, places and history, are explored as Jareth is teaching Crysta about her world There are a couple creatures I d love to meet and a couple I m ok to not ever meeting.Deceit, power, hidden messages, a soul link, sickness, history, mermaid, fiances yes plural on purpose , age old power struggle, siblings, magic, dragon, fire, disappearing races, trolls, Amber globe, infinity rings, broken promises, humans, love of the century, palaces, winter, black magic, cliffhanger, ballet not as prevalent as book one but I m hoping will come into play in book 3 , fated mates.Those are some little snippets that you ll discover in this gem of a fantasy book Ok I m not giving this little plug here just to give it, in all honesty I love C.J Anaya s writing I ve read almost all of her books and have loved every single one that I ve read She has written in a couple different genres and the transition from one to the other wasn t noticeable If you are a fantasy lover, you really should check read the My Fair Assassin series, but especially her The Healer series Not a fantasy lover Then check out her book Marry Your Billionaire.Content Not squeaky clean but one I would let my children read as they reach the older teenage years The only thing that keeps me from letting them read it now is some mild swearing Usually this author has a couple swear words in her books, but Traitor had several scattered throughout than her usual Mostly just the word damn There is mention of a rape, nothing graphic just the fact that it happened to Crysta and subsequent talk about her healing and learning to live after it happened The author s note discusses why she added this in and I highly recommend you taking time to read it, whether you have experienced rape or sexual abuse yourself, know someone who has, or not at all, it is worth taking time to read Some talk of sex, nothing graphic, mostly that Crysta and Jareth will wait until after they are married Some sweet kisses and a few steamy kisses.Happy Reading

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