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Posture and Performance: Principles of Training Horses from the Anatomical Perspective From An Equine Therapist And Rider Comes A Training Manual, Based On The Horses Inside Out Philosophy Understanding Anatomy Improves Performance And Reduces The Risk Of Injury Divided Into Three Main Parts Principles Of Anatomical Riding And Training Exercises For Horse And Rider Troubleshooting, The Book Contains A Wealth Of Practical Tips And Exercises Broken Down Into Easy To Follow, Well Illustrated Steps Showing How Riders Can Improve Their Riding Skills And Potential The Author Suggests Ways To Improve Horses Physique, Posture, Flexibility, Stability, Core Strength, Performance And Movement And How To Reduce Muscular And Movement Problems, And Reduce The Risk Of Injury This Beautifully Illustrated Book Looks At How To Deliver A Safe, Varied, Fun, Effective And Achievable Training Program It Provides All The Ingredients For Riders To Make Informed Decisions To Maximise Their Own And Their Horses Potential, Gain Enjoyment, Satisfaction And Improve Their Skills

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    Un Libro straordinario e molto didattico grazie alle illustrazioni particolareggiate sull anatomia equina Assolutamente da leggere per ogni cultore della materia

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    I am not a professional rider but a very passionate amateur, practicing equitation in all of my free time I will likely not be able to remember the names of all bones and muscles of my horse but now I am much aware of my horse s body, how he moves, what he needs before I ask him a performance, how can I support him and myself to be a balanced, toned, prepared binome It doed not matter

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    Love the purpose of this book Recommend for any equestrian for learning about biomechanics that are essential for a healthy experience for both horse and rider Pictures are brilliant and writing is easy to follow and understand Used in a presentation at our local Pony Club, and I received only positive feedback about the book in particular Great gift or prize for an equestrian

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    This book was wonderful I bought as a Christmas gift for my 16 year old equestrian daughter She was THRILLED The perspective that you get from looking at these photos of painted anatomy on top of the horse is amazing This was a brilliant idea She plans to use this knowledge to help with training her own horse This book was so nice that even my 80 year old, non equestrian, mother looked at it for ho

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    Love this book It is well written and has lots of information about anatomy, but written so the average person can understand I would reccomend that anyone who owns a horse should invest in this book.

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    This book was a wonder compliment to other biomechanics resources I especially appreciated the addition of applicable exercises that address various parts of the horse This is a must read, for all horse owners riding or not especially for youth riders

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    Great learning tool

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