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Private Peaceful (English Edition) E coinvolgente, emozionante, avvincente Non si riesce a smettere di leggerlo Uno dei pochi libri che mi ha fatto piangere. A Stunning Edition Of This Modern Classic Of World War One, Featuring An Introduction By The Author And Insightful Testimonies From SoldiersTold In The Voice Of Private Tommo Peaceful, The Story Follows Twenty Four Hours At The Front, And Captures His Memories Of His Family And His Village Life By No Means As Tranquil As It AppearedFull Of Vivid Detail And Engrossing Atmosphere, Leading To A Dramatic And Moving Conclusion, Private Peaceful Is Both A Compelling Love Story And A Deeply Moving Account Of The First World WarExtra Material Introduction By Michael Morpurgo Inspiration Letter By Michael Morpurgo Background On The Execution Of British Soldiers In WW For Cowardice, Including Personal Testimony From Soldiers Il libro arrivato senza danni e entro il rispettivo tempo di scadenza Non ci sono stati problemi riguardo al prodotto e ora ho il libro che avevo tanto aspettato perch solo con hai un acquisto rapido e sicuro. come da descrizione ottima comunicazione e velocit nella spedizione spero di poter fare ancora affari con lui in futuro I got the wrong book and so I couldn t be disappointed Very bad service It costed a little buy I basically trew my money out of the window One of the most tragic events of the 20th century was the senseless slaughter and sacrifice of many young men on the battlefields of the Somme,Verdun and Passchendaele The iconic 1914 recruitment poster of Lord Kitchener, wearing a cap of a British Field Marshall, stares and points at the viewer pleading to their sense of allegiance and responsibility by declaring Your country needs you The specially constituted pals battalions resulted in friends, neighbours and colleagues enlisting together at local recruiting drives with the promise that they could serve alongside each other However many of these battalions sustained heavy causalities and this had a significant impact on their communities at home.In the small Devon town of Hatherleigh lives young Tommo Peaceful with his brother Charlie and the girl they both adore, Molly This is family life, village life, captured in the idyllic Devon countryside before the encroachment and black clouds of world war 1 destroys the dreams and aspirations of so many in pointless sacrifice ensuring that life would never be the same again We d lie amongst the grass and buttercups of the water meadows and look up at the clouds scudding across the sky, at the wind whipped crows chasing a mewing buzzard.Tommo and Charlie are gripped in the romantic notion of helping to eradicate the threat of the Hun who were attempting to grow their military might and realize their imperialistic ambitions So the two brothers and close friends from the village march blindly off to war where the initial patriotic enthusiasm dies tragically amidst pointless butchering when the reality of war is revealed I could no longer pretend to myself that I believed in a merciful god nor in a heaven, not any, not after I had seen what men could do to one another I could believe only in the hell I was living in, a hell on earth and it was man made, not God made the terror that is engulfing me and invading me, destroying any last glimmer of courage and composure I may have left All I have left now is my fear.Michael Morpurgo expertly portrays the senseless slaughter and sacrifice of world war 1 to a young impressionable adult audience This is achieved by comparing the beauty and peacefulness of the English countryside with the shell ravaged mud filled trenches of France.this was the raw reality of war Private Peaceful is a sombre novel to be read by young and old It s simplistic language is very effective in creating an image of a time when the romantic notion of war quickly became a vision of hell and where the loss of millions was seen as an acceptable price for the march of imperialism and the misguided ambitions of WW1 military leaders Highly Recommended. Gripping and emotional from start to finish Beautifully written and striking work to read At times there was no putting the book down The book shows true compassion and loyalty in a world that is destructive and cruel.It is easy to see why this book is often studied at Junior Cycle level for Irish exams Many different themes and settings are used which makes for a really interesting read.The description and the detail that is in the book is fantastic and it is easy to imagine what life must have been like in war times I would recommend this book to anyone over the age of 11. My 4 kids did this in secondary school as a novel They felt the story and felt sorry for the character , felt how sad the story was how it finished and how the family ended up So from kid point of view it was great they loved it for me was a parent it was bla I wanted didn t want it to end like it did So little happens in this book, I was secretly bored to tears reading it with my year 7 class and then they all declared that they hated it too Morporgo really is nothing than a simplistic primary school teacher Definitely off the reading list for secondary school children Unimaginative, poorly used grammar, clearly not thought out for a general plot and the payoff was equally disppointing.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Private Peaceful (English Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted Michael Morpurgo author readers around the world.

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