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Programming with MicroPython: Embedded Programming with Microcontrollers and Python (English Edition) eBook: Nicholas H. Tollervey: Amazon.it: Kindle Store This isn t a book about HOW to program embedded systems in MicroPython, but ABOUT using MicroPython in embedded systems.There is a big difference between the two.If you already are adept at programming in Python you will find this an interesting take on how you can carry your existing skills over to micro controllers and the domain of embedded programming You will find the pages detailing development board options insightful, and appreciate the examples of using sensors and outputs You will find the sections like Abilities of Enchantment and The Zen of MicroPython an interesting view on philosophical approaches to the language and embedded development.If you can already write programs but are not familiar with the Python language, studying the examples will get you going but will provide minimal insight into the language s structure, features and usage Key concepts like the language s syntax, variables, dictionaries and lists do not even get an entry in the book s index, and if they are mentioned it is only in passing This was my situation, and I quickly decided to go to other material to learn the basics of the language.It is stated explicitly in the footnote on the bottom of page IX, and I agree To get value from this book you need to be familiar with Python s syntax, how do define and call a function and how to control program flow in your code If you do not already know the Python language, or are new to the fundamentals of programming then you are going to find this book very challenging. Just started the book yesterday Really enjoying it Well written Thanks Nicholas. As the author states in the second paragraph of the Preface you do need to know Python but not be an expert before you will get much use from this book If you know Python and you have some experience in embedded systems this book will explain all the details like using MicroPython to declare and configure digital and analog I O pins, pin direction, pull up and pull down resistors, and using MicroPython to configure, read and write to sensors or other devices using I2C, SPI, etc.I think it s probably accurate to say that this book focuses on the parts of Python that are specific to embedded systems and that won t be found anywhere else It covers a lot of different areas using several different devices, unlike some other MicroPython books that use a MicroPython device from a single manufacturer in all the examples I have several MicroPython books and this is probably my favorite.I would have given it 5 stars but the price is just too high for a technical book that will very likely be outdated in a year or so. Its An Exciting Time To Get Involved With MicroPython, The Re Implementation Of Python For Microcontrollers And Embedded Systems This Practical Guide Delivers The Knowledge You Need To Roll Up Your Sleeves And Create Exceptional Embedded Projects With This Lean And Efficient Programming Language If Youre Familiar With Python As A Programmer, Educator, Or Maker, Youre Ready To Learnand Have Fun Along The WayAuthor Nicholas Tollervey Takes You On A Journey From First Steps To Advanced Projects Youll Explore The Types Of Devices That Run MicroPython, And Examine How The Language Uses And Interacts With Hardware To Process Input, Connect To The Outside World, Communicate Wirelessly, Make Sounds And Music, And Drive Robotics ProjectsWork With MicroPython On Four Typical Devices PyBoard, The Micro Bit, Adafruits Circuit Playground Express, And ESP ESP BoardsExplore A Framework That Helps You Generate, Evaluate, And Evolve Embedded Projects That Solve Real ProblemsDive Into Practical MicroPython Examples Visual Feedback, Input And Sensing, GPIO, Networking, Sound And Music, And RoboticsLearn How Idiomatic MicroPython Helps You Express A Lot With The Minimum Of ResourcesTake The Next Step By Getting Involved With The Python CommunityNicholas Is A Classically Trained Musician, Philosophy Graduate, Teacher, Writer And Software Developer He S Just Like This Biography Concise, Honest And Full Of Useful Information

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Programming with MicroPython: Embedded Programming with Microcontrollers and Python (English Edition) eBook: Nicholas H. Tollervey: Amazon.it: Kindle Store book, this is one of the most wanted Nicholas H. Tollervey author readers around the world.

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