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Project Semicolon: Your Story Isn't Over For fans of PostSecret, Humans of New York, and If You Feel Too Much, this collection from suicide awareness organization Project Semicolon features stories and photos from those struggling with mental illness Project Semicolon began into spread a message of hope No one struggling with a mental illness is alone you, too, can survive and live a life filled with joy and love In support of the project and its message, thousands of people all over the world have gotten semicolon tattoos and shared photos of them, often alongside stories of hardship, growth, and rebirthProject Semicolon Your Story Isn t Over reveals dozens of new portraits and stories from people of all ages talking about what they have endured and what they want for their futures This represents a new step in the movement and a new awareness around those who struggle with mental illness and those who support them At once heartfelt, unflinchingly honest, and eternally hopeful, this collection tells a story of choice every day you choose to live and let your story continue onLearnabout the project at projectsemicolon