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Raven Brings the Light In A Time When Darkness Covered The Land, A Boy Named Weget Is Born Who Is Destined To Bring The Light With The Gift Of A Raven S Skin That Allows Him To Fly As Well As Transform, Weget Turns Into A Bird And Journeys From Haida Gwaii Into The Sky There He Finds The Chief Of The Heavens Who Keeps The Light In A Box By Transforming Himself Into A Pine Needle, Clever Weget Tricks The Chief And Escapes With The Daylight Back Down To EarthVividly Portrayed Through The Art Of Roy Henry Vickers, Weget S Story Has Been Passed Down For Generations The Tale Has Been Traced Back At Least , Years By Archeologists Who Have Found Images Of Weget S Journey In Petroglyphs On The Nass And Skeena Rivers This Version Of The Story Originates From One Told To The Author By Chester Bolton, Chief Of The Ravens, From The Village Of Kitkatla Around

About the Author: Robert Budd

Roy Henry Vickers is a renowned carver, painter and printmaker whose Eagle Aerie Gallery in Tofino, BC, has become a provincial landmark In 1998, Roy was appointed to the Order of British Columbia and in 2006, the Order of Canada He is the co author of the immensely popular Northwest Coast Legends series and the author of several books that showcase his art, including Storyteller Harbour Publishing, 2014 He currently lives in Hazelton, BC.

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