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Rose Petal Graves What fans of Kresley Cole s Arcana Chronicles are reading now The Vampire Diaries with faeries Welcome to RowanFounded two centuries ago by a powerful tribe of Gottwa Indians, Rowan was a quiet town, so quiet that I fled after graduation Staying away was the plan, but Mom died suddenlyDad said she suffered a stroke after she dug up one of the ancient graves in our backyard, which happens to be the town cemetery Creepy, I know Creepier still, there was no corpse inside the old coffin, only fresh rose petalsAs we made preparations for Mom s burial, new people began arriving in Rowan, unnervingly handsome and odd people I begged them to leave, but they stayed, because their enemies my ancestors were beginning to awaken

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  1. Poetic Puppy Poetic Puppy says:

    This author was new to me and I m seriously glad I took a chance on them, and this series as Rose Petal Graves is amazing I really hope the rest of the series lives up to book 1.Catori is training to become a doctor but has to put her education on hold when her mother dies suddenly and she has to return home for the funeral She s convinced her mother didn t die of natural causes and even after the medical examiner pronounces the cause of death she isn t satisfied Something isn t right and she knows it There s also something about Cruz, the medical examiner, that Catori can t explain When she learns the truth about him, her ancestors and her mother, she s forced to see the world with new eyes Life for Catori will never be the same again.Some people might find Cat Catori flighty, as she keeps changing her mind, but I think she s just an open minded person who is desperately trying to find her way and place in this new world She knows absolutely nothing about the history of her people, or their enemies, which makes it difficult to decide who to trust Not to mention that no one is very forthcoming with her and they all tell her bits and pieces of the story Add in the fact that Cat is still grieving, and you can understand why she s willing to listen to everyone and even give second chances like she does There are the makings of a love triangle in this book, so if that isn t your thing, then you might not like the direction the book takes Cruz is one of Cat s love interests and their chemistry is obvious He s a very secretive character and while I suspect he has Cat s best interests at heart, he doesn t go about things in quite the right way Her other love interest is a little complicated and I don t want to give too much away so that s all I m going to say about him I m not sure which one I want to claim her heart, but it ll be fun finding out.Honestly, I almost didn t bother with this book as the cover didn t exactly draw me in It s bright and pretty and eye catching but I get so many recommendations that I ve begun to judge a book by its cover Stupid I know, but I know the types of books I read and enjoy and have begun to identify with certain types of artwork Thankfully, since I was being offered the chance to win an audio version of the book, I took the time to read the blurb and realised that Rose Petal Graves, was just my sort of book If I hadn t of won a copy, I might have missed out on an amazing story It has a bit of a depressing start but stick with it, it is well worth it, I promise The story is captivating, unique and very well written it s very descriptive but not overdone which means it feels very natural I lost myself completely to the story, so much so that I could barely find it in me to hit pause and go to bed I can t wait for the next book.Profanity NegligibleSexual content NegligibleViolence Moderate but sporadic

  2. Simon Simon says:

    I thought this book was imaginative and entertaining in equal measures It grabbed my attention from the start and didn t let go until I had finished it The sorry follows Catori as she is stuck in the middle of a centuries old battle between faeries and hunters and has to choose which side she is on The story starts with Cat s mother s death, which is ruled as a heart attack, but Cat thinks it is murder so investigates This leads her into the heart of the battle and the story follows on from there There were lots of twists and turns in the story and you never quite know who to believe and which way Cat will turn I felt the ending was a bit rushed as it is just getting good when it suddenly stops, although it is a very good cliffhanger for the sequel, which I will definitely be buying once it is released.

  3. Customer Customer says:

    I was excited to start reading this book I liked the authors mix of Native American mythology and fae, but the story really suffered from a lack of story telling and world building.I found the fmc immature and never really developed an attatchment to her As a result i couldnt become invested in her sruggles.while there is plenty of male attention directed at the fmc the story still struggled with a romantic interest, tension.i would comfotably recommend this book to a younger demographic or people looking for a quick, semi interesting book to fill in time, but not for anyone looking for a memorable read.I dont think il read the next book in the series.

  4. Katdragon2010 Katdragon2010 says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book It was a great start to this series Cat loses her mother and gets a fast lesson in family history She learns that she is than a normal girl and that there are people who would gladly kill her She has no idea who she can trust.

  5. Brandi B Brandi B says:

    A very unique fantasy story made even better by incorporating a fictional indigenous tribe as a central part of the story Downloading book 2 as I type this, cannot wait

  6. Christine O'Connor Christine O'Connor says:

    Once it got going I couldn t stop reading the whole series A friend recommended it to me Very imaginative and original

  7. Kaity Kaity says:

    Weird Dialogue Is the big guy a friend of yours Cruz asked, watching the gaping doorway He is What happened to his face IED blast He enlisted after high school Is this absurd dialogue to you Because this exact conversation happens not once, but twice Absolute strangers ask Cat, our main character, bluntly what happened to her best friend s face and she blurts it out Unfortunately a lot of the dialogue throughout the book was like this.Diverse Unique Characters I do have to give the author credit for making unique and diverse choices, especially when it came to her characters I think this is the first fiction novel I ve read where the main character s family runs a mortuary Catori is mixed race part fictional Native American It was refreshing and added well to the book s story line.Dumber than Faes My mouth unbolted You know Gwenelda I know about her I haven t had the pleasure of meeting her yet She said that it would keep me safe from I frowned, trying to remember her exact words From whom She actually didn t tell me She didn t No She didn t have time Do you mind getting rid of it he asked me Why Because if you don t, I m going to have to leave That wouldn t be such a bad thing That s not very nice The stone had warmed in my palm Although Gwen hadn t told me from whom it would protect me, Cruz just had By admitting he was averse to iron, I deduced the necklace was supposed to protect me from him.Wow, just wow We re so lucky to have this shining star in med school Cat made idiotic choices and said stupid things constantly I found myself rereading huge chunks of the book to make sure my late night reading wasn t causing me to be delusional I struggled with the writing choice of faes as well I read a lot of urban fantasy and regular fantasy, and this is the first time I ve seen an author choose to tack on an s to fae.LoveShape There is NO REASON for Cat to like Cruz None, except for his looks She s not positive he didn t kill her mother and the actual medical examiner He s engaged and his fiance, Lily, loves him I just don t UGH Then there s freaking Blake who has adored her since they were kids I don t want Cat to pity love him but come on As an author you can t throw emotional crap like that at me then have a total creep like Cruz as the choice Cat goes for And don t even get my started on the utterly ridiculous interest from Kajika When were they not threatening each other Never Oh.Blake sighed and it rumbled like the warm air blasting out of the car s heater Are you trying to destroy the only part of me that wasn t damaged in the blast Grey Much of the book keeps the reader guessing which side the fae or the faehunters are good I really enjoyed not knowing and flip flopping sides I think I really enjoyed hating everyone too Stars Honestly, picking a star rating was difficult I genuinely hated this book at times but I couldn t stop reading it and I will definitely be picking up the next book.Recommended This is my first book by Olivia Wildenstein so I can t recommend another read from her but for a YA fae series that I actually enjoyed, try The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa It has a much less unique perspective on the fae, but it is an extremely addictive, well written adventure.

  8. WhisperingWillo WhisperingWillo says:

    I m always on the look out for new reads with intriguing folklore that are scripted brilliantly I can honestly say this one fits the bill perfectly.This story has twists and turns that will keep you guessing as to who are actually the bad guys or the good guys There s clean romance with a touch of instant attraction I really enjoyed the folklore that were introduced that made this story believable The characters all played their parts and making the reader decide who to root for.I ve already purchased the other books of this series I recommend this series for readers who love folklore, supernatural powers, and clean romance.Happy Reading

  9. Drea Drea says:

    Extremely unique and creative plot I loved the concept It was hard connecting with the main character though So for me it was an average read While I didn t connect, the plot is well worth the read Three glittery stars.

  10. The Mysterious Customer The Mysterious Customer says:

    Olivia Wildenstein s Rose Petal Graves The Lost Clan Book 1 is wonderfully original Not only because if it s genuine feel I really want to find out that Rowan is a real town it must be, even without fae but also because of the genuine feel to its characters definitely including the conniving fae, and their conflicts with the hunters and the wonderful folklore and world building created to support the story Add on a wonderful lead, as I love Catori Price though I don t envy her the choices she has to make and a well written plot with a number of totally unexpected twists and turns nope, not gonna spoil them and perfectly crafted characters The result is one great read But for the fact that I m literally dictating this review my husband from my hospital bed I could go on and on with praises the book definitely deserves it Since I can t do that I will simply note that the book is most definitely one to read, and it is easy to highly recommend I m definitely looking forward to the next book in this series.

  11. Elysian Fields Elysian Fields says:

    I am not now, nor have I ever been a fan of fairies, I find them tiny and annoying Disney ruined them for me, LOL but if this author writes it I read it, plain and simple.Well let me just say I am now a fan of THESE fairies I LOVED how the author made them human but with extra traits, magic and senses I love that they were so easy to understand yet unique and different enough to feel like new creatures like I can see them flying out of the shadows of real life.I was unprepared for the emotional journey both the characters and I would take during this book I am not a fan of feelings but this book made me feel and a lot and I enjoyed it That is how invested I was with these characters.I found the world this author created to be detailed and imaginative Real yet just slightly off from what I live in each day I liked the mythology and the history the author incorporated into the story, it helped me imagine this world and these characters, their beliefs and reasonings in a way that connected me to the outcome I loved how atmospheric the story is I could feel the snow, the rain, the darkness and the light I wanted to be apart of it.I could go on and on, but I will leave my review here as I need to jump into book two and discover what s next Once again this author proved she is a master at her craft as she took two things I dislike in a story and made me love them Brilliant

  12. Stella C. Stella C. says:

    In Rose Petal Graves , Olivia Wildenstein has woven an interesting tale with intriguing folklore in an extremely unique, creative and different plot and storyline.Well written, this engaging book has main characters that are complex and well defined, and the secondary cast of characters, good and not so good, do enhance and give credence to the storyline.There is good interaction and dialogue between the different characters, and there is also good detailed description to the various scenes and settings.The Author has delivered a tale that has a love story, family, grief, mystical creatures and so much All this in an original, captivating and engaging story that keeps the reader s attention from the beginning.Recommended.Gifted with a copy which I voluntarily reviewed.

  13. Bec the Aussie Bec the Aussie says:

    I genuinely was pleasantly surprised by this book I ve gotten into a bit of a book rut where all the stories have similar themes, blend into one another and I thought this would be another book I d forget in 5 seconds I m glad this one woke me up and I was wrong I loved the main character She was honest and strong minded without being overly obnoxious and overbearing.The world building was great and the secondary characters I enjoyed some than others I liked the lore the most It was very original and stands out from other Fae books A lot of time has been taken to build the lore and it carries the story well.I would so recommend this book to my friends and anyone who would like an original story I m not sure why but the way the author tells the story quite reminds me of the sookie stackhouse novels which I also enjoyed back in the day.

  14. astrid allard astrid allard says:

    Rose Petal Graves is a story of grief, family, mythical creatures and tremendous power, with at its very core the most haunting love story.Now should be a time for grieving for Catori Price but instead her world shifts upside down and all her Cartesian beliefs are challenged as she discovers the truth about her ancestry.She s asked to make a choice, most impossible to make one that could cost her the love of her life and even, perhaps, her own humanityCan t wait for book 2 in the series Couldn t recommend it

  15. Stephanie F Stephanie F says:

    I thought this was an excellent story with some terrific characters Fae who lie in a round about way is always interesting since they are mostly self serving and terrible Preying on a hunter who has no knowledge of who or what she is and gaining favors without her knowing what she is doing is despicable That is what makes this story so much MORE Catori comes home for her mom s funeral and at the end of this story, what she thought she knew is wrong There is so much sadness and loss in this story but there is also so much room for happiness and growth I am looking forward to seeing what is in store for the town of Rowan and its residents in the coming installments.I was gifted an ARC in return of an honest review.

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