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Rough Magic: Riding the world’s wildest horse race (English Edition) Book club choice No one really cared for it. Just finished it I really really enjoyed it I thought she was a beautiful writer. Thank you for everything Enjoy the weekend Rough Magic, Riding the world s wildest horse race, Lara Prior PalmerReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre Biography and memoirs.I so wanted to love this book, I d adore to have taken part in a ride like that To the astonishment of my totally non horsey family I grew up with an adoration for all things equine as soon as I could walk.It took me until I was over 30 to have my own horse but there is a real magic between a horse and rider when both are willing, a real feeling of oneness, rightness This kind of race takes that and pulls it to its furthermost.Sadly my hopes for the book fell flat I felt Lara treated it as a bit of a joke really, something to pass the time, and that makes a mockery of all those who trained, who organised, did the hard slog of setting it up.She enters on a whim, doesn t train, hasn t time to train now having entered at the very last minute Doesn t have the money but gets the entrance fee halved, drums up some sponsors, and yet still doesn t treat it with the respect it deserves She doesn t take the required jabs, doesn t pack spare clothes, ignores all the things race advisers suggest taking, gets bored while waiting pre race for things to set up, so has fun merrily taking all her antibiotics, anti sickness, painkillers etc out of the packets and decanting into a plastic bag Then takes them ad hoc on the journey hoping for miracles.she tells us proudly several times about this its why it sticks in my mind It feels at times as if she s an adult, playing at being a child pretending to be adultShe lets go of one of the horses while tacking up, takes off head collar before bridling allowing it to charge off Then waits for one of the race guys to fetch it, with an air of oh dear, how did that happen Never mind It s basic stuff for any rider, strange horse, unenclosed area you NEVER let the animal lose, simply looping the collar around the horse neck would have sufficed but no, Lara knows better.It wasn t a problem but could have been, these are horses borrowed probably for a decentish fee but from the locals, who need them for their existence in that harsh place She s there a couple of weeks, they live there, need their animals in good health to survive If the horse damaged itself they can t simply call up local vet and have it transported to a nice modern surgery for treatment Its bullet time The loan of horses needs respect.I did enjoy the bits about the race, the horses of course, the people that live there, the incredible scenery, but for me Lara herself came over as an indulged child rather than the gutsy young lady I expected.What others love about the writing style too just didn t resonate with me, they enjoyed her verbal acuity for me it read like self indulgent ramblings apropos of nothing I love to read about people s history, families, the personal touch but Lara s came out in such a strange way I felt they were all really strange folk, and I m sure that s not what they are or what she intended.I admire her hugely for doing the race, but found her lack of planning, lack of respect for the race, for the horses, for all the hard work others have done to let her have this week or so of racing really difficult to let go I just couldn t get past the fact that it felt as if she treated it all as a bit of a joke really Others can get past the things that grated on me and adored the book for what it is, a retelling of an amazing race from one of the participants, so you may feel like them and love this novel I didn t.I enjoyed parts of the story, wanted to give her five stars just for taking part, and yet even that achievement gets tarnished for me by her way of treating the whole things so casually.She s not sure even as she starts, that she actually wants to win, mulls over what happens if she just gives up on day oneand that non commitment feels like a slap in the face to all those who ve worked so hard.I guess its like someone talking their way into a place in the UK Grand National at last minute, getting one of the best horses to ride, but not bothering with training, protective clothing or learning the course route, and then just as race is starting announcing to news media they re not really sure if they ll try to win, maybe a fall at the first might be whats best, maybe they ll just try to finish, or get half way or.See It denigrates all those who have put in the work to me.That she finally won feels like good luck than actually hard work, and that doesn t feel right in a race of such epic uniqueness.Stars Two and a half Others love it, what I didn t like they clearly got past, so may you Each to their own Its not a bad book, just one that wasn t for me.Arc via Netgalley and publishers Think The Next Educated Or Wild Palmers Memoir Of Beating The Odds To Become A Horse Champion Is An Inspiring Saga Of Perseverance And A Classic Underdog Tale Entertainment Weekly Prior Palmer S Style Is A Fascinating Mix Of Pep And Poignancy A Really Terrific Story By A Spirited New Voice Sara Baume Prior Palmer S Gorgeous, Sensual Depiction Of This Race Is A Literary Marvel It Feels Like You Are Riding Alongside Her Across The Desolate Steppes Her Verbal Acuity Makes Vivid The Most Elusive Of Landscapes Her Triumph Becomes Ours NYLON In This Sensual, Spiritual Memoir, Prior Palmer Recounts Her Grueling Journey Through Immense Physical Hardship, And Her Surprising Transformation From Underdog To Champion Esquire Absolutely Riveting BuzzfeedSHORTLISTED FOR THE WILLIAM HILL PRIZE Such An Addictive And Likeable BookOne Of This Year S Best Memoirs The Telegraph Its The Resistance To The Obvious Narratives That Makes Rough Magic So Appealing The Book Undermines Lazy Women In The Wilderness Tropes At Every Turn Sarah Moss, Guardian A Heroic Tale Beautifully Told TLSRough Magic Is Transporting, Beguiling And Terrifically Entertaining Daily MailThe Mongol Derby Is The Worlds Toughest Horse Race A Feat Of Endurance Across The Vast Mongolian Plains Once Traversed By The People Of Genghis Khan, Competitors Ride Horses Across A Distance Of Km Many Riders Dont Make It To The Finish LineIn Lara Prior Palmer Nineteen, Underprepared But Seeking The Great Unknown Decided To Enter The Race Driven By Her Own Restlessness, Stubbornness, And A Lifelong Love Of Horses, She Raced For Seven Days Through Extreme Heat And Terrifying Storms, Catching A Few Hours Of Sleep Where She Could At The Homes Of Nomadic Families Battling Bouts Of Illness And Dehydration, Exhaustion And Bruising Falls, She Found She Had Nothing To Lose, And Tore Through The Field With Her Motley Crew Of Horses In One Of The Derbys Most Unexpected Results, She Became The Youngest Ever Champion And The First Woman To Win The RaceA Tale Of Adventure, Fortitude And Poetry, Rough Magic Is The Extraordinary Story Of One Young Womans Encounter With Oblivion, And Herself

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