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Rowan Wood Legends SOME LEGENDS ARE BETTER LEFT UNTOLDI Wasn T The Sort Of Girl Who Believed In Fairytales, Let Alone Tales About Faeries But That Changed The Day Faeries Came To My Small Town And Hunters Rose From Their Graves On That Fateful Day, I Received A Book, A Peculiar Collection Of Myths And Legends Turns Out It Was So Muchthan Stories And Just As I Was On The Verge Of Unlocking Its Secrets, It Was Stolen From Me By Someone I Called A Friend Now, I Don T Know Whom I Can Turn To, Whom I Can Trust All I Know Is That There Are Two Sides, And I Am Straddling The Great Divide Because I Am Both Faerie And Hunter And Although I Swore I Would Never Choose, I Am Slowly Falling For One Of Those SidesFans Of CASSANDRA CLARE And KRESLEY COLE Will Adore The LOST CLAN Saga

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